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Sometimes i feel life as a sub is not fair, youre expected to do as your are told, no matter what.
At the moment, im incredibly tired, not sleeping at all. And i become a complete brat when im tired.
Yesterday i had an issue with the laundry, a stupid issue really.
Yet Mr G enjoyed winding me up and winding me up, laughing at me and got our son involved in winding me up too.
I threw an absolute fit, shouting at Mr G, telling him to go away, even tried slamming the door in his face. I was furious. At least i didnt swear.
Told you i turn into a brat when tired.
Eventually Mr G went downstairs, which gave me time to sort the laundry issue out, as i was going to bed early to try to sleep.
I did ask Mr G if he would mind if i missed his evening blowjob out and he did say yes.
This morning my attitude is not much better, though i apologised for my attitude, got my morning spanking, then another for being disrespectful.
On my dog walk, i recieved a message from Mr G saying when i get home he would like me to go lie on the bed and enjoy a cum ice cube. I want to see you enjoy it, he told me.
How kind is that !!!
He will tell me my punishment when hes decided what it will be.
Now i feel another melt down may be on the way.
Maybe chocolate will help calm me down.

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I thought i would update you on my last blog entry.

I woke up this morning with my wife getting ready for her work. She is younger than me and cannot retire as i have, and boy does she resent it.

She said Happy birthday and came over and gave me a quick peck. I put my arm around her stroked her bum and taking her hand laid it over the covers on my throbbing erection. I asked her while rubbing her bottom "any chance of a birthday spanking?".

With a snort and disgusted look she ripped her hand away and then replied "grow up" and walked out.

I'm not sure but i take it that that's a no.

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I really wish I could just go to sleep. I am so tired but cannot seem to sleep ummm.... good night all

Slut Spanking
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I was still using my phone while driving and I needed to be taught a lesson. I wore my tight black dress with my royal blue tights and got a real good hard hand spanking. Then I had to change into my tan fishnet tights and I got a stinging hand spanking followed by a hairbrush spanking! I think I finally learned my lesson about driving and using my phone!

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It's been so hot in my apartment I ended up sick so what would you all do

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Ok friends on spankingtube, please feel free to ask me anything and I will answer. I don't care how personal that the question is!!

Slut Spanking
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(original lyrics - in progress)

She likes to wear her nylons
with her see through negligees
the time that I can spend with her
is numbered by the days
she's the pinup hanging on my wall
Miss June is just her name
and I can see her when I want
my own miss Bettie Page

(more to come)

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I moaned loud now as I felt the spasms beginning to stir deep in my belly. I couldn't help myself, I shoved my hand under me and let my fingers find my throbbing clitty and began rubbing it and humping Santa’s lap.

"Now, now there will be none of that on Santa’s lap." Santa said, but he made no effort to stop me. In fact, Santa gently pried my legs open so my wet pink pussy was exposed to him. Santa lifted his right knee higher.

"Let's see what we can do about getting your bottom and your panties to match."

Santa began spanking me now, one cheek and then the other, keeping a steady rhythm. These spanks did sting and they caused me to squirm, both from pleasure and the sting they were creating. It wasn't long before I was saying "ow" and promising Santa I would be a good girl but Santa must have taken his lessons from Daddy because he didn't stop.

I rubbed my clitty harder as Santa’s hand struck my bottom over and over. Santa’s hand moved all over my bottom, sometimes spanking one spot 4 or 5 times before moving to another area. These spanks really pushed my limits.

Every so often Santa would pause to tell me the condition my bottom was in. How pink, how red, how shiny and he assured me that I was going to be one very sorry lil girl by the time he finished with me.

I was kicking my feet now, and squirming, I was yelping out with each spank and begging Santa to stop, but he wouldn't.

"You just take your punishment like a good girl." he told me.

I was so close to cumming. My fantasy of being a naughty lil elf over Santa’s knee and getting a spanking was coming true. Santa paused and reached for the baby oil. He rubbed it into my very red bottom causing it to shine and to my surprise he rubbed it on my tight pucker hole too. That was all it took. Santa’s finger never made it into my bottom before I was screaming, tensing, thrashing over Santa’s lap and cumming hard. That didn't stop Santa though; He proceeded to slip his finger into my asshole anyway and began fingering it which threw me into another very long and intense orgasm.

My orgasm continued as did Santa finger fucking my tight asshole. Each thrust shooting spasms through my whole body. I was literally holding onto Santa’s legs as I continued to cum, my screams filling the room. Santa fingered my asshole still while I slowly came down. I lay breathlessly over Santa’s strong knees. Santa held me there while a new set of emotions poured through me.

"What is wrong baby?" Santa asked me and I just shook my head no as I wasn't sure.

Santa patted my bottom gently, Santa knew but he needed me to say it. "Tell me lil one, what is wrong."

My voice cracked as there were tears so close to the surface. It is something that I don't think I could ever explain in a million years but Santa knew what I needed.

“I dunno" I said again, this time in the tiniest of whispers.

"Tell me baby girl." Santa coaxed.

Now in truth I was in no trouble, none at all but Santa knew about those bottled up emotions that overtake me sometimes and he also knew that sometimes the only way to get them out is to have a good cry. And here I was, over Santa’s knee, panties down, bottom bared and red.

Santa wrapped one arm around my waist to hold me in place, with the other hand I felt him reach under the pillows and pull out something. It was the gift that had disappeared from the closet.

I watched as Santa tore off the paper and from the pretty tissue paper covered in little Christmas trees and elves, Santa pulled a hairbrush paddle. Inscribed on one side was "For Santa’s Naughty Lil Elf" and on the other said " Love Daddy. 2006" It was finished in a light lilac color too, my favorite of colors.

“I think it is time for this now sweetie." Santa said

I took one look at that paddle and began struggling. I KNEW that paddle was going to hurt and hurt a lot.

"No, Don't. Please, please don't paddle me."

"Shhhhh, settle down lil one, Santa knows best."

"Noooo I want to get up."

But Santa didn't let me up. Instead he pulled me in tighter to him. I was struggling so hard that he had to lock my legs down with his own and then he wasted no time in smacking my poor bottom with that paddle.

Now as I said, I was in no trouble, and I have long learned that Daddy/Santa needs no reason to spank my bottom but maybe because Santa knew I needed a good cry, or maybe because Santa knew this was a harder spanking, he gave me a reason for it.

SPANK, SPANK, SPANK “When Santa asks you what is wrong, you won't tell me you don't know." SPANK, SPANK, SPANK

"OWW, OW, OWW, OWW, OWWWW, OWWWW" I struggled harder.

SPANK, SPANK “Next time Santa asks you a question he expects an answer. SPANK, SPANK


That was all it took. Just 10 spanks to reduce me to tears, full gut wrenching sobs

My bottom was already well tenderized from the sexual/playful spanking I had received so it didn't take much at all to get from me the results he knew needed to surface. 10 spanks to get to that lil girl inside and set her free, giving her the safe place that she knows she has with him. But Santa didn't stop there.

Spank, spank, spank, spank, spank, spank, spank, spank, spank, spank

10 more times that new paddle struck my scalding bottom while I lay helplessly across Santa’s knee. These spanks weren't nearly as hard as the first 10, there was no need. These spanks were just to show me he was in control, that he had me, that I was safe with him and just because I started crying, didn't mean he was going to stop.

After the second set of 10 were delivered Santa dropped the paddle to the bed and let me lay crying over his lap. His eyes scanned my bottom. He nodded, yes, nice work that paddle did. He did believe my bottom now exceeded the redness of my naughty lil elf panties.

Slowly Santa rubbed my bottom in small circles. He poured on a generous amount of baby oil to soothe my punished cheeks. My next words didn't surprise him in the least.

"I want my Daddy now" I sobbed out in between sniffles and hic cups.

Santa pulled off the red cap and took off the fake white hair and beard and let them fall to the floor. He helped me up from over his lap and pulled me into his lap.

"Shhh it's ok baby, Daddy is here, Daddy has you."

I closed my eyes. Yes it had been a very nice Christmas, our first of many to come. Some might think the spanking I received ruined it, but that would be because they don't know the relationship that Daddy and I share.

Daddy cooed to me “Merry Christmas princess." and then he held me and rocked me to sleep.

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"That's a good girl" Victor said as he took my hand and helped me on his lap. His arm went around my waist and rested on my bottom.

"Tell me lil one, have you been a good girl this year?"

I was still smiling and I bit down on my lip. “Well let me put it this way Santa, I may not have been good, but I have been better this year than past years."

"I see." said Santa." And what would be the cause for that lil girl?"

I squirmed in Victors’ lap as I was delighted by this play. " It's like this Santa, I have a Daddy now, one who is taking very good care of me and making me be a better person."

Santa nodded, his eyes twinkling under the brim of his hat. “Oh? And how is he doing that lil one?"

“He is teaching me right from wrong Santa and when I am good he rewards me with extended bedtimes and praise and lollipops and such."

Santa nodded. “And when you are bad?"

I whispered now. "When I am bad he takes away time on my bedtimes, and grounds me and stuff."

“Is that all he does when you are bad?" Santa pressed.

My voice was still small as I played this part so well. “No Sir, that is not all."

Santa raised his eyebrow at me and squeezed my ass cheek. “You are being very evasive lil one, tell me, what else does this Daddy do to you when you are naughty?"

I lowered my head now, pretending to be embarrassed. My voice was barely a whisper. “He spanks me Santa."

Again Santa nodded his head knowingly. "And do these spankings result in him taking you over his knee and pulling down your panties and him spanking you on your bare bottom?"

I fidgeted now, all this spanking talk causing my panties to grow wet and my clitty to tingle. I couldn't help myself, I slid my hand between my legs and squeezed my legs around it as I ground against my hand.

Santa’s eyes followed my hand and I could feel his hard cock jump underneath me.

Not mentioning my hand or his hard on Santa slipped me from his lap so I was standing to his side.

"Well lil girl, it seems this Daddy knows how to handle naughty lil girls and as you know, Santa sees and knows all and do you know what I saw last night?"

I scowled now. "No Sir, what did you see?"

Santa smiled and nodded. “I saw a lil girl who was snooping through the closet at her Christmas gifts."

I piped right up. "Yes, but Daddy caught me and he swatted my bottom and sent me off to take my bath Santa."

"Yes I did see that too, but I don't think you were properly punished for that infraction and as I don't see your Daddy here right now I think it only fair that Santa punish you for this, don't you?"


"Yes lil one?"

“I’m not allowed to let anyone punish me other than Daddy. I will be in really big trouble with him if I let you."

Santa let out a hearty laugh now. “You were naughty, and your Daddy isn't here right now and you need to be punished. Santa needs no ones permission to deal out punishments lil one and I think I chose to punish you by giving you a Christmas spanking.” Santa took my hand now and pulled me down over his lap.

I yelped out in mock surprise. “But Santa! You are going to get me in trouble with my Daddy!"

"Than that will be your problem for being so naughty as to snoop in the first place now won't it?"

Santa repositioned me over his lap so we were both comfy. My nightgown was short and even without him lifting it up the bottom of my panties showed. Santa began by rubbing my bottom through my panties. I squirmed as my clitty throbbed badly already.

Santa wasted no time in beginning. The spanks weren't hard at all. Mostly pats and I found them to be quite enjoyable. The more he spanked, the more I squirmed and the harder I felt his cock underneath me. The spanks weren't even hard enough to make me yelp out or struggle.

"What is this? You seem to be enjoying this lil one. We can't have that." Santa said.

Now I felt Santa lift up my nightgown and fold it onto my back. My panties were fully exposed now and I felt Santa slip a finger underneath my panties from the bottom. He lifted the material and peeked at my bottom.

"Oh no, this can't be so. Your bottom is still so pale lil girl " and now he began spanking me a little harder. These too were not hard enough to make me yell out; in fact they only heightened my pleasure as my panties grew wetter and wetter. These spanks added some color to my bottom and barely stung at all. It was the sound and the position and the feel of his hand on my bottom that was getting to me and I began squirming and moaning softly.

Santa stopped again and peeked at my bottom. "Well I see some color but something still isn't right. I think I need to pull down your panties now."

"No Santa don't! Don't pull down my panties! Daddy is going to be so mad at me."

But Santa didn't listen. "You hush now." he told me as he stripped my panties down to my knees.

I was bare bottomed over Santa’s lap and loving every minute of it. Santa rested his hand on my upturned globes and gently caressed them. I felt his lips brush over my cheeks and then he sat back up.

"I think I have located the problem." he said as he patted my bare bottom.

"What is that Santa?" I asked.

“It seems your panties are redder than your bottom and no naughty lil girls’ panties should ever be redder than her bottom, we will have to do something about that." Santa replied.

Slut Spanking
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Morning came soon enough and my eyes popped open. My stirring disturbed Victor and he smiled at me out of half closed eyes.

"Morning already?"

"Yes!" I said as I pushed myself up and out of the bed.

"Whoa, whoa, wait for me." and then he was tugging on a robe as he hurried after me into the living room.

We took seats on the floor, sitting around the Christmas tree and one by one picked up gifts and passed them to one another. We gasped and giggled at some of the gifts and thanked one another. I looked around for the gift I had seen in the closet, and scowled when I didn't find it.

"Something wrong princess?" Victor asked me.

I was a little embarrassed to say I knew there was a gift missing, I mean, after all, there had been no tag on it so maybe it hadn't been mine.

I shook my head no and quickly got to my feet.

"Last one to the kitchen has to do dishes" I shot back over my shoulder and took off running with Victor right behind me, laughing. I laughed too as his arms reached out and caught me just as I stepped into the kitchen.

"Looks like it's a tie" he said.

I laughed and shook my head. "Nope, my feet hit this floor first, and you lose, you lose."

"Oh is that so? We will just see about that" he chuckled as he took a seat in the kitchen chair and playfully tugged me over his knee."

"No NOO Daddy" I yelled as I kicked my legs, laughing as I did.

This caused Victor to begin pinching my bottom so I was squirming all over his lap.

"Who is going to do dishes young lady? Who,Who?"

Pinch, pinch, pinch, pinch, pinch, pinch, pinch

"Me! ME DADDY, MEEEE" I shouted as he laughed more.

"That's what I thought you said." Victor replied as he helped me up off his lap and stood me on my feet. His face had the biggest of smiles which in turn caused me to smile too.

We made and ate breakfast and together cleaned up. We spent the day tidying the house and relaxing. We watched "Frosty the Snowman" on the television and then "How the Grinch Stole Christmas."

All in all it was a very nice day, and then nighttime came.

We were curled up snuggling on the sofa when I yawned and Victor smiled. "Tired baby?"

"No not really," I lied.

"No fibbing you," he said. "Come on, it is time for bed, it has been a long day."

I looked at the clock. "But it's only 10:30 Daddy."

"I don't care what time the clock says young lady, when I say it is time for bed, it is time for bed. Now I don’t want to hear any fussing from you. You go take a quick bath while I lock up. I will meet you in the bedroom soon."

"Yes Sir." I replied.

And so I went in and took a long hot bubble bath. The water felt good around me. I had just closed my eyes to relax when Victor’s voice broke into my silence.

"Ok, bath time is over, Come get ready for bed now." he called from the bedroom.

I sighed a little as I was really relaxed but I rinsed off and drained the tub. I wrapped myself into a big fluffy towel and entered the bedroom. What I saw there made my eyes go wide and I burst out laughing. There Victor stood dressed head to toe like Santa Claus.

"HO, HO, HO" he shouted as soon as our eyes met and I broke out into another fit of laughter.

Victor pointed to the bed where he had lain out a nightgown for me to wear. I walked to the bed and smiled as I picked it up and slipped into it. It was satin and sheer with a lacey trim and had matching sheer red panties with the same matching lace trim. Embroidered into the trim where the words. "Santas Naughty Lil Elf."

I moved about the bedroom getting ready for bed and Victor’s eyes followed me. I brushed out my hair and was surprised when he said “Put it in pig tails for me baby." So smiling at him I parted my hair and braided two braids into it, tying them off with little red pieces of ribbon. When I looked up again Victor was sitting on the edge of the bed.

"Come sit on my lap baby girl."

My eyes twinkled and I smiled bigger. "Yes Santa."

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I just watched a spankin video on here with Santa n I have to admit ive always had this fantasy about bein spanked by Santa so even tho I don't write as well as most other people n even tho I wrote this many many years ago I'm goin to share it here...

It was Christmas Eve; the house had been decorated for weeks. We had spent a long day being with each of our families’ and enjoying their company. We had finished up last minute shopping. Victor was puttering around in the garage while I tidied up the kitchen. My mind kept going to the hallway closet where I knew the presents were stored. I stole a look in the direction of the garage and satisfied that Victor was busy; I turned off the sink water and made my way to the closet.

I opened the door and my eyes went wide as there were many more gifts in there than I had imagined. I had stored the gifts bought for Victor in the bedroom closet; he had chosen the hall closet to store mine. I squatted down and reached into the bag and picked one up, examined it and set it down. I just happened to look up and barely see Christmas paper poking out from under a shirt on the closet shelf. I got up and reached; I was to short so I tugged the desk chair to the closet and stood up on it.

I plucked the gift in shiny purple paper and a bow out from under the shirt. I shook it, smelled it, and tried picking at the seam hoping to get a peek of what was inside. I scowled as I couldn't see what was inside.

"What do you think you are doing lil girl!" came Victor’s voice behind me.

Startled I lost my balance, but he caught me and placed me on my feet. My eyes were wide, his were stern.

"I, I, I ...." was all I could muster.

"Yes I KNOW full well what you were doing."

Victor took the gift from my hand and placed it with the others, then he took my hand and swung me around and planted two hard spanks to my jean covered bottom.

"You KNOW better! Now you go get your bath out of the way and get ready for bed, I will be up shortly."

I quickly scampered away and Victor smiled after me as he closed the closet door.

I undressed and took my bath. Just as I stepped out of the tub Victor came into the bathroom and held open the towel for me. If he had been mad a while ago it was clear he wasn't now. He smiled warmly at me and I stepped from the tub and onto the bathmat where he wrapped me in the big, soft, fluffy towel. Our eyes met and a few soft kisses were stolen.

Upon walking into the bedroom together I noticed Victor had laid out the nightgown he wanted me to wear. It was a warm flannel powder blue nightgown. I walked to my vanity and rubbed some baby oil into my still wet skin and then patted on some sweet smelling talcum powder before slipping into the nightgown.

When I turned around Victor took my hand and led me to the closet. “Get your gifts that need going under the tree sweety “And he and I collected them and carried them into the living room where we put them under the tree. Then Victor sent me back into the bedroom while he locked up and collected the gifts he had in the hall closet and put them under the tree as well.

Victor made his way back to the bedroom and undressed for bed. He patted the bed and smiled.

"Come on lil one, it is time for bed so Santa can come early."

I loved Christmas and so I hurried into bed where he spooned me in close to him and held me in his arms. I felt his lips brush softly over my forehead. I wasn't tired. I was to excited to sleep and so I began talking. The minutes ticked away and soon it was an hour and a half later and I was still talking. At last Victor gently covered my mouth with his hand and laughed.

"Ok you, it is bedtime." and smiling wickedly he added. "Don't make Daddy have to spank you to get you to simmer down and go to sleep."

I smiled back at him and snuggled closer. We shared a kiss and then settled down. Sleep took us right away.

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my live in partner paddled me this morning .... as I was walkin away he said " show me ur ass" so I walked over to my vanity n handed him my hand mirror.... he wasn't amused but I thought it was hysterical....

Slut Spanking
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As soon as the transgressions are found out it is wise to deal with the person . It could be grounding loss of privacy or privileges . To having some sort of corporal punishment .rhis could be from as mild as naked corner time to a hand spanking to as serious as a belt ,paddle or whip it also be the number . Say as little as 5 to 10 or as much as the person could SAFELY take .

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Not planned but last night I administered three great hand spankings. One was a play session with a friend. Next a LONG overdue, extended birthday spanking, ( of course the warm up didn't count )! Finally working with a new to the scene spankee. A good, HOT night was had by ME !

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Hey guys, As some of you may know Mrs Crystal and I began hosting local spanking parties in our home in Houston last year. These parties have been a huge success thus far. Our next one will be on July 23rd. So if any of you Houston spankos or anyone else who might be in town at that time would like to join in on the butt warming fun,, please send me a message and I'll give you details on how to attend

Regards, badlilsteven and MrsCrystal

Slut Spanking
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OK men and women who likes to spank I started this new job already what to call I'm cause of no way to get there what kind of punishment would I get

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So my friend and I share a Dom, and that is fine, we are having issues with our Dom, we are not getting enough spankings.. Even if we bait him, still nothing.. We are not getting what we need. We have tried to talk to him,but still no luck. How or what else can we do? How do we get him to spank us more?

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I made a sex tape a while back and apparently it's about to be all over the internet. It's my own fault really for trusting someone with it but I figured I'd own up and post it myself here so nobody can shed more light in it than there needs to be. Yes I'm ashamed but we all make mistakes. Please don't judge me ...its in my comments

Slut Spanking
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My trainer has been particularly hard on my pussy today as I violated the dress code he has set for me when I am talking with him (topless, panties and high heels). First I took 75 strokes with the wooden spoon on my pussy, then he had me take an inner thigh spanking of 50 strokes per thigh with my wooden hairbrush, then 50 strokes on my pussy over wet panties, THEN 50 strokes on my bare pussy.

After that he told me to take 10 spanks on the top of my thigh, 10 on my bare pussy, 10 on the top of the other thigh, 10 on my pussy, 10 on the first thigh and so on till I reached 200 spanks! After that he told me to edge three times and if I pushed too far and came I had to do it all again… I tried so hard and I didn’t cum but after I finished edging he told me I had to do it all again anyway but increased the 75 strokes to 100 and the 200 strokes so 250! :’( My poor pussy is so sore but I deserved it.

Edit: From now on I am only allowed to reply to comments and messages once my trainer has given me permission to.

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This is a blog for ideas of how you would punish a person in this scenario. Even if you are a sub please offer your ideas thanks.

Hers is the scene....

You come home from a long day and you have given instructions on what needed to be done today. Your dry cleaning needed to be done for your big and important event tonight. You have been assured everything has done only to find out that nothing was done your sub has slept the day away. In your anger you drag the person out of bed yelling and scolding follows you order the person out of the front room into the bedroom while you determine what this punishment will be.

Let me hear from you tell me with DETAILS how you would handle this. I want to know what position(s) you would use, implements, clothing etc... tell me everything

My Spanking Roommate