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Okay, I'm feeling much happier after last night and now I'm super excited! It's Alex's birthday on Saturday:) And I'm taking him away for the weekend. It's a surprise! Well, It's kind of a surprise. I ruined it a little bit by telling him we were going away, It just slipped out! I'm not very good at keeping secrets, especially when I'm this excited! So now it's a half surprise. I wish I could say where we are going!

Lots and lots has been happening! We had the best Easter ever! I think I may have found bunny land. Alex took me to this wonderful country park and I've never seen so many bunny's in my whole entire life! They were running around everywhere! I couldn't stop smiling and it was totally appropriate for Easter. I've been a complete delight lately too, Alex said I would only get an 80p Easter egg if I did anything naughty! And I couldn't of had that, I think I would of cried. So I was on my best behaviour on the whole run up to Easter, but I'm still being super good even though Easter is finished, and I got a Cadbury's cream egg Easter egg:)

I'm on a super strict diet now! Alex found some research that suggests that eliminating wheat, dairy and a ton of other really yummy things from your diet can really help Huntington's disease. So that means no chocolate or cake or sweets or ice cream! all my favourites:( But It's very exciting and It would be so wonderful if it works. I'm hopeful. I am naughty sometimes though. When we go to the super market, I pinch as many of the pick a mix as I can, then walk rally slowly behind Alex eating them. If I think he is going to notice I stuff them all in to my mouth! I'm like a hamster. Alex never notices because I'm super speedy and he's always in such a rush! I know it's wrong to steal, but they're just so yummy!

This is super good news! I've gone back to my old dance school! When I was younger I had a scholarship to a full time dance school. I loved it so much. I was pretty good at ballet and contemporary. Not so much any more my body shakes a little now, so I'm like a wibbly wobbly jelly! hehehehehe. But dancing again makes me happy and I'm going to be in a show in july! it's sooooo exciting:)

Alex has just put a film up, It's been forever since we've posted! I really like this one though because I'm wearing the prettiest dress so I look like a princess:) It's a Daddy/little girl scene where I'm in trouble for keeping injured bugs in the bedroom. Kind of appropriate. Although I haven't brought any in since the Daddy long legs incident. We should be able to upload more now we have a laptop:) And this time I will be super careful not to drop it or leave it on the bed, then forget and jump on the bed!

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Patricia knew though that each spanking would be immediately followed by make-up sex, to her mind that sex was always the best. With Eric moving inside her while her bottom was still hot and stinging. She never failed to reach orgasm in these post punishment couplings.
In fact to a degree she enjoyed the spankings; if only they weren’t as harsh as Eric always made a point of taking the spankings well out of Patricia’s comfort zone. For as far Eric was concerned he was indeed delivering a punishment, to his mind for a punishment to work it had to be more than a few token love taps.

With what had transpired today at the office, Patricia was sure that once she reached home that she would be in for one of Eric’s corrections. This time though she felt that it was no fault of her own, just a little bit of a misunderstanding, no more no less.
Yesterday she had a call to reprimand Julia - her PA - over some missing files for a large riverfront plaza contract. She knew afterwards that perhaps she had been a little over the top with Julia and meant to tell her so today. The trouble was Julia had thought that Patricia was off work today. Which was an easy mistake to make as she was supposed to be on holiday spending some quality time with Eric. But, she had decided to come in to do a little catch up on the plaza contract in the morning leaving the afternoon free.
So under the impression that Patricia would be at home Julia rang her to apologise for the missing files fiasco and to tell her that she had now found them. That phone call sent the snowball on its path down the mountain.

Julia greeted Patricia with the files as soon as she arrived in the office; also she told Patricia of the phone call; she went on to say what a kind and understanding man her husband was.

“What do you mean by that Julia?” Patricia asked warily.

“Well he could tell that I was a bit know with all that happened yesterday..he was just so nice, saying that he would have a word with know to help sort things out.”

Patricia didn’t know whether she wanted to slap the girl’s face, or give her a big ‘thank you’ hug. Such was the confusion of emotions that she felt towards Eric’s domestic discipline regime.
The rest of morning was a waste; she just freewheeled her way towards lunch time her mind drifting to what may await her when she got home.
Now driving past the Spring Brook golf club she knew she wouldn’t have long to find out.
Pulling into their driveway Patricia sighed as the drive was empty, and then she remembered that Eric’s pickup truck was in the shop getting its annual service.

With shaking fingers, she turned the handle of the front door. The door opened which meant only one thing; Eric was at home!

“Hi Patsy, how was work…no missing files today…no assistant's lives to make a misery of?” Eric asked as Patricia entered the lounge.

Patricia closed her eyes and shook her head as she stood there in silence.

“Common politeness goes a long way, you know not everyone works to your high standards…I think we have discussed this before if I’m not mistaken.” Eric said calmly as he remained sat on the sofa.

Patricia opened her eyes though didn’t look at Eric; her eyes were cast down at the floor as she replied.

“It was just a little mix-up, it’s all sorted out now.”

“Perhaps it is sorted out, but is your attitude sorted out?”

“I’m sorry…it was a big contract…” Patricia’s voice trailed off as she knew that Eric’s mind was already made up; he had already decided on adjusting her attitude.

“Pop along to the bedroom you know the routine,” Eric said as he picked up the TV guide and started reading.

Forlornly Patricia trudged off to their bedroom, all that was going through her mind now was how long would be before he followed her. This was a new thing that Eric had put in place two spankings ago. He thought that a little pre-spanking time out would be good for Patricia, as it would help her to focus her mind on what was to come.
On entering the bedroom, Patricia took off her dark grey jacket and carefully hung it in her wardrobe next she unbuckled her shoes and placed them to the side of the wardrobe.
Patricia undid her hair, then brushed it so that her long auburn locks fell to frame and exaggerate the paleness of her face. Then putting the brush back upon her dressing table she went to take her allotted place by the side of the bed. Folding her arms behind her back, she waited.

Standing in this manner, she would often wonder what her colleagues would make of all this, would they even believe it even if they walked in upon her and Eric?

Most that knew her would think it impossible that she could give herself so meekly, so submissively. No one would think that this boardroom high flier could or would agree to such a situation. The fact of the matter was though at some deep dark level Patricia found her situation almost therapeutic.
She was giving herself both mentally and physically to her husband; she was stepping out of her ‘normal’ life to sometime long gone by. Some time that perhaps never really existed, save perhaps for in the I love Lucy Show.
A thought suddenly sprang to Patricia’s mind as she stared at the wall, ‘what underwear did I put on this morning?’ for the life of her she could not recall what she had put on this morning. She toyed with the idea of checking, and then perhaps even changing into something sexier if needs be when she heard the footfall of Eric upon the stairs.

Eric entered the room and saw his wife standing obediently in her required position. He breathed deeply he took the scene in; there she was in a dark grey skirt and ivory blouse. Her long hair flowing down across her shoulders, the sunlight catching and bringing out the redness of her tresses, there she was, his beautiful wife waiting for his approval.
Waiting for his punishing palm.

He walked around the bed and sat down behind her.
He heard and felt her gasp, as he slowly lifted up her skirt till it cleared her womanly hips. Then Eric carefully secured the skirts hem by tucking it all the way around into its own waistband.
He then took hold of Patricia’s left hand, his finger rubbing over her wedding ring he then said in little more than a whisper.

“The sooner we start the quicker it will be over.”

Taking her cue Patricia moved past Eric then she draped herself over his lap, her eyes focussed now on the very familiar pattern of her bedside rug. As she looked at the Mahal pattern, she felt Eric’s fingers tugging down her pantyhose. She knew that her denuding would slowly done; slowly as to rank up her humiliation, slowly to take away her sense of maturity, slowly to make her feel like a naughty little girl!

Once her pantyhose were at her ankles, Eric concentrated upon the lowering of Patricia’s panties.

“You know it is really silly a woman of forty-two having to have her bare butt tanned?” said Eric.

Patricia did not reply, as any reply would have just sounded vacuous.

Then once that her panties had joined her pantyhose Patricia knew that she would not have long to wait for the pain to begin.
Eric spanked hard from the very first slap; he had no intention of warming Patricia into a spanking, and he wanted the effects to be as instantaneous as possible.
Patricia did not know if Eric was a ‘good spanker’ or not, as he was the only person that had ever lifted a hand to her ass she had nothing else to compare with.
She did know though that he was a very effective spanker; his hand covered all of her butt and the tops of both hamstrings, he did so though in a random manner. He would not just spank alternatively from one cheek to another; his hand would sometimes fall perhaps three times in a row upon the same spot before moving off to a newer paler target area. He would continue till either Patricia was in tears - real tears though not the crocodile variety - or until he had painted her butt and the backs of her thighs bright red with his palm.
As always it took less than four minutes for Eric to have Patricia in tears and crying out her apologies for her behaviour.

Eric then helped his sobbing wife up to her feet; he pulled her close to him the weight of her breasts resting upon the top of his head, his mouth resting on her tight stomach.
Patricia then felt a gentle kiss upon her belly, then another one a little lower.

She knew that going for her run tomorrow would be a problem. She knew how raw her ass would still feel, and then she felt Eric’s tongue probing at the slot of her sex, she knew that she would savour each and every pain-filled step.


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As Patricia O’Hara made her way to the company parking lot, it was clear to anyone passing her that her mind was elsewhere. Though if any of her colleagues saw her, they would only imagine that the look of deep concentration upon Patricia’ face was due to some work related problem.
Ninety-nine times out of a hundred that would indeed be the case. Today though was that elusive one percent, one of those most rare of occasions. After all, a person doesn't rise as high as Patricia had in the construction industry by daydreaming or having too wild of a social life in her personal time. For anyone to be that successful in the corporation, it took hard work and good political skills, but that person also had to be viewed as going the extra mile.

Occasions such as this were indeed rare, the fact that she was the only female on the company’s executive committee spoke volumes about not only how hard Patricia was willing to work, but also about what she had been forced to sacrifice on her way to the top. Many new members of staff would wrongly think that perhaps she was there due to family ties; this error in their thinking was always cleared up by Patricia at the earliest opportunity. Though in fairness it was an understandable mistake as there are so few women other than secretaries and PA’s in this, so male dominated environment.

Because of these quite wrong assumptions Patricia forced herself to have a professional aloofness with her staff. Not that that meant she was unfriendly in any way, just that she was reserved when it came to matters not concerning work. For instance it would never cross any of her junior’s minds to call her Pat, Patty, Patsy or Trisha, she was always known as Patricia or in more formal situations Miss O’Hara.
Patricia reached her parking space, her Prius looked so out of place amongst all the higher priced luxury vehicles surrounding it, like most things about Patricia her choice of vehicle made a statement about her. Though she could easily afford a higher end vehicle, such as a Lexus or a Mercedes she had chosen the Prius for its frugality, reliability and low emissions.
As with her choice of transport, her choice of clothing also made a statement. Rather than try to hide her femininity Patricia made a point of showing it. At the office, she would always wear skirts rather than slacks though the cut of her skirts and dresses were always long, to the knee or just slightly higher. Like her transport, her clothes were understated. As she didn’t want to be known as “that chick who wins contracts by flashing her rack”. Patricia made sure that her tops were modestly cut and to her “casual Fridays” did not exist. Her only vanity was to make sure that her bee sting waist could be seen and wore clothing that showed her tight waist to its greatest advantage.
She could easily have fallen into being ‘just one of the boys’ and stuck to wearing jeans and work boots when visiting sites. That was not for her though, at all times she had to look the professional executive, so for site visits she would wear trouser suits and ladies safety shoes. For her being a successful woman, was a huge part of her identity, and she had no intention of sacrificing any part of her psyche.

The trouble was though that over the last few years Patricia had allowed her workplace persona to travel home with her, to interfere with her domestic life. She had become so used to making major decisions in the office, and these decisions being carried out without question from her subordinates, she started to transfer that thinking to domestic life.
When Patricia said that they should leave New York and move out to Morristown in New Jersey, her husband Eric reluctantly agreed even though he preferred city life.
When they had married twenty years earlier, Patricia said that they should limit themselves to only one child, even though from a large family himself, Eric agreed.
Patricia always picked their holiday destinations; again Eric as always silently complied.
Eric always bowed to Patricia’s decisions just like her juniors did at work; the difference was Eric agreed because he loved her.

Everyone though has a line that cannot be crossed, and Patricia had found Eric’s line last year. Their son Kevin had wanted to go to NYU when he finished high school; Patricia tried to railroad him into going to Notre Dame; Eric backed Kevin much to Patricia’s chagrin.
Then one sunny April night when Kevin was staying over at a friend’s house the inevitable argument exploded between Patricia and her husband.

“I can’t believe you are going against me in something so important!” Patricia spat at Eric.

Eric shook his head sadly then said.

“No Patsy, you just can’t take it that someone disagrees with you full stop. You’ve become so used to everyone just going along with you, you now just take it as a given. I know some of it is my fault, and some of it is work, but I should have put my foot down years ago with you!”

“Put your foot down?” Patricia said, her pale blue eyes flashing in temper, “You are going to put your foot down….put your foot down when all I want is what is best for Kevin?”

“No for wanting what you think is best for him…the two things are not always the same you know?” Eric replied his anger now showing, “He doesn’t want to go off to Notre Dame, he is not interested in the whole Fighting Irish thing, and he wants to stay nearer home…”

Patricia stared at her husband not taking in the situation.

“So now I’m a bad mother…that’s what you are saying isn’t it?”

“God no that’s not what I’m saying at all..sometimes I just wish that someone had knocked some sense…or at least some sensitivity in you when you were younger!” said Eric in desperation.

“So what are proposing now, wife beating? Or are you planning to spank me?” Patricia then felt either her heart skip or her stomach flip as she said that last sentence.

The look on Eric’s face told her that if the idea was not there before it most certainly was now.

“Somebody should have spanked you years ago,” Eric said quietly as he reached out and took Patricia by her arm and led her into the kitchen to the rear of their house.

To her shock, Patricia meekly followed her husband, all the time though she was thinking ‘He wouldn’t dare…would he?’.
Half of her demanded to be right, strangely though half of her also wished to be wrong!

It was those memories that were running through her mind now as she pulled out of the parking lot.
How Eric had pulled a chair out from the kitchen table; how he then pulled her unceremoniously over his lap, how he then after lifting her summer dress high up her back spanked her pantie clad behind.

She slammed her brakes on as she realised that the lights had changed to red!
She sat behind the wheel trying to catch her breath; she then sat trying to get those memories out of her head. She was trying not to think of what could be – probably will be – awaiting her when she reached home.
She just couldn’t do it though, the memory of that spanking stayed so fresh in her mind. Also the memory of how Eric had made love to her straight after that spanking stood to the front of her mind, never had he been so attentive, never had she felt so centred. Perhaps he had been turned on by disciplining her, or maybe he felt some guilt and was merely showing her that despite everything he still loved her?
Whatever the case she could not get it out of her head, or the subsequent spankings that followed.
For that spanking was not a one-off thing, in fact since that night four other times Eric had cause to bring her bring her back in line. He never gave her erotic spankings; each spanking was a punishment and dealt to her as a punishment. These spankings were not the long drawn out situations of erotic fiction or films. These were short sharp shocks meant to curb her behaviour and meant to make her a more considerate person.

However, the location of the punishment did change, rather than the kitchen the bedroom became Eric’s chosen venue. Also rather than being over Patricia’s panties, it was her bared bottom that now faced his wrath!

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Being very naughty today. I need punished me thinks xx

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Feeling very mischevious now. Hmmm wonder what i can get up to hehehe


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For a short period of time I opened a portal to my Photo Albums. Free enter for everyone. It will be closed soon. Not the same thing regarding my videos. They will remain still private.

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i'm finally home!!!!!! i missed everyone!!!!!!

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There are many things that strike fear in the ass of submissives everywhere and figging is not always on the top of that list, but I know first hand that if properly picked and put in the hands of a knowledgeable dominant, it can be a fierce addition to a spanking or anal punishment. A large and potent finger of Ginger Root (AKA Fig) causes burning irritation to the anus and surrounding skin that is for the most part completely harmless for most people. The obvious exception to that would be if you have some kind of skin issue or allergy that would cause a reaction when ginger root is applied.

Daila has found a few places around town where she can purchase some of the largest hands of ginger root that I have ever seen. There is a lot of information on the internet that will tell you exactly how to keep, prepare, and use the root to maximize its potency and effect. When I get punished with ginger root, I am forced to pick one from our refrigerator’s crisper box, I must then cut off the largest finger on the root and prepare it by removing the skin with a potato peeler while running cool water over it to keep it clean. When done it must be placed into a bowl of cool water and taken to the room so that Daila can incorporate it into whatever she is doing to me.

Daila likes to have me on my knees at the edge of the mattress with my face down onto the bed. I am told to arch my back so that my ass is pushed up and out as much as possible. This spreads my ass crack a little for her. If it is not enough then she has me reach back with both hands and spread my own ass cheeks. Lube is not used because it blocks and interferes with the transmission of the ginger to the delicate anus. She wants me to experience every little bit of the slow burn that begins when the ginger comes into contact with that very sensitive skin. She usually rubs the root finger up and down the crack of my ass before finding its way to my tight little entrance. This causes all the skin in my crack to start feeling a stingy burning sensation. When she finally penetrates me with the finger, it is harsh because of the lack of lubricant. That plus the immediate burning sensation that starts slow and then takes off is enough to make a poor sub very uncomfortable. The sphincter muscles want to contract to expel the root but when they clinch down to push it out, the burning sensation is increased exponentially. The soar and burning little hole soon learns to stay loose and simply accept the burning and stinging that it must endure without trying to push outward. Daila watches for my anus to reach this point and as soon as she sees the muscles relax and feels that the sphincter is no longer pushing against her finger pressure, she begins the next level of pain by pushing it in and out of my now inflamed orifice. Each time the un-lubricated finger of ginger moves through the anus it brings with it massive waves of heat and sting. The sphincter cannot take this new level of irritation and once again begins to clench down. Since Daila is pressing back against it the resistance is futile. The anus cannot expel the offending finger of ginger and increases its own burning sensations once again by clenching down and pushing out. The anus is once again forced to loosen and submit to the repeated burning penetration as the heat continues to build with each of these invasive applications. Daila is relentless with this phase in my ginger root punishment and it can last for several minutes after my anus gives into the torture and torment of pain and irritation.

Once she is done then a number of other activities can take place to heighten the punishment experience for me. I may get spanked with the fig still in my ass. This makes for a particularly bad spanking because any clenching of the ass increases the heat that steadily surrounds the menacing fig. It is very hard not to automatically tighten up your ass muscles when a paddle or hair brush is used effectively, however, your mind will quickly become consumed with managing this in order to not feel the increase of burning sensations from clenching down on the fig.

She may choose instead to have me get dressed with the fig still firmly planted in my hole and make me walk or even jog around the block a few times. This is particularly humiliating when neighbors take time to wave, or even stop to engage in conversation. It is very hard to keep your mind on cordialities while you have a burning stick of fire stuck in your ass hole.

An even worse fate is when she has me get dressed and then sit in a chair at the kitchen table. Sitting down pushes the ass cheeks together and makes the burning sensation sky rocket.

Either way, the effective time of an inserted fig is at most about 30 minutes and depends on the potency and size of the finger that is cut for punishment.

If you have experience with figging...please let us hear about it. How do you use it, or how is it used on you?

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Something really, really, really bad has happened! I've murdered a spider! I know It's just a little spider, but it's still a life, even if it is a really small one. I didn't mean to hurt it, It was in the hall and I was worried It might get squashed so I decided to be brave and edge it towards the door with some paper. Then as it approached the door I let it crawl on to the paper, but the poor thing slipped and fell, Then something really horrific happened. As soon as it touched the floor the biggest, blackest, hairiest spider I have ever seen in my whole entire life came flying out of this hole in the wall and snatched the spider I was attempting to rescue, kind of rolled it in to a ball and then disappeared back in to the hole. Like a big hairy monster of death! That wasn't what was supposed to happen! And now I'm guessing the first spider is dead. This is really sad. I want to ring Alex but he's at his sister's birthday meal, so that would be bad, I think. wouldn't it? Now the hairy monster is hanging half out of of its lair just staring at me. Why won't it go back inside? We've been staring at each other for about 10 minutes! Perhaps I should just go over and ask it nicely to go back inside? yes, I'll try that! wish me luck.

I did want to tell you about some really good things that have been happening, but this incident seems to be featuring heavily in my evening now. Perhaps tomorrow. Have a good evening everyone and I hope you don't bump in to any scary monsters!

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Thank y'all for coming out tonight. Hope everyone at the roadhouse had a good weekend. I know I had a couple of nights where my neighbors had a tough time sleeping. Since it is 4/20 today, take a puff and if you live in a state with no legal or medical weed laws on the book, blow the smoke into the face of a cop. If asked why, tell em as Hank 3 would say, it must have those pills I took!

Well I spanked her ass for eight days straight
Well it must have been the pills we took

Her ass been twitching and burning and she ain't bitchin
It must have been the pills we took

I don't know what they were and I don't care where I got em
But they sure did make sex feel good
They kept my balls from being blue
And kept my cock inside of you

My tongue buried in her carpet and I punched a hole in the wall
Well it must have been those pills we took

My paddles are all busted and her buns are a-swollen
it must have been those pills we took

She's tied up she's been tokin' and now she's gettin a whoopin
it must have been those pills we took

My paddles are all busted and asses are a-swollen
it must have been those pills we took

I would like to say if there is anything in my profile you enjoy you might want to save it because Scorpio isn't sure how long he is going to be here. Honestly getting tired of many things on this site. Not just this site, but this spanking video scene altogether.

I know I've been raggin these motherfuckers for a while, but getting real damn tired of seeing videos here and major producer sites advertising spanking videos in a way that is more akin to trying to sell a horror film. Blood, severe bruising, real crying bordering on shrieks of terror, blah blah blah. Go fuck yourselves.

I hardly ever buy videos because, well I have enough real action in my real life that I don't need to buy many. But when I click on a site and some old creep like Dallas say "choking on her own tears from punishment" it churns my stomach. Especially knowing the old turd paid the girl to take it.

Another studio here where another fat old fuck always refers to the women in his videos as sluts, whore and refers to spanking as "beatings". LOL, yea, real fine example of a "disciplinarian" your setting there tubby, yea ATP Studios and Outlaw I'm talking about you. Just in case your too stupid to put 2 and 2 together.

Of course these producers will say that's what their customers want, which make me think if that is a large bulk of people buying this garbage, I don't want to be associated with that kind of human trash in any way shape or form.

But the one comment that really pissed me off more than anything was posted here in the news area.

"There is nothing better then a girl that is brought to real tears by a hard paddling."

Really? I can think of something better, seeing the person who says such ass backwards things like that get kicked in the face with a pair of steel toe boots then thrown down a fire escape.

In case you wonder why I have such harsh opinions about this, I will tell you. Some already know this, but I have known more than one women in my life who has been the victim of serious domestic violence, my mother and ex being among them. One lady I am friends with was married to a donut eating pig, I mean cop, who also suffered some serious abuse.

But it was Milwaukee cop, you know, those fine cops that returned a teenage boy with handcuffs dangling from one wrist and bleeding out the backside to Jeffery Dahmers apartment to be murdered.

When I see that kind of shit it crosses the line for me. Maybe console a women who just got beaten up and see if you have the same thing to say. If memory serves me correctly there has been more than one female here post their stories of mistreatment from former partners in this blog area as well. So, nice ignorant statement to make there asshole. I have a relative who helps run a shelter for abused women and kids, how about you go there if seeing women crying is such a turn on for you?

That being said, take anything I have posted. Giving it a couple of weeks, maybe I'll come back, maybe I won't.

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Stewing over something Switchie has done. Giving him the silent treatment while planning his intense punishment for tomorrow. Too angry to deal with it tonight. Naughty boy!

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Can't stand my sil, Shel's on and off man, Craig. He is a 20 something red-neck, cowboy jerk. Shel told him about Sue's discipline, and he was laughing at me. Shel said she bet I got off on getting swatted, Craig said,"If ya want him straightened out, let me give him a good old-school, Tennessee butt whipping! If you're not too much of a wimp, I'll give that ass a whippin' it won't forget!" No way, this was 6 years ago, but Craig still brings it up, and Sue is warming to the idea.

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The following idea occurred to me recently. I'm sure othe people will have thought of something similar but here it is in case it interests you:


A spanking game to enjoy when there is nothing on the TV - or any other time.

To play this game you need a dice, an hour glass egg timer (3 minute) and a numbered list of six spanking positions.

For example:

1. OTK
2. Diaper
3. Under spanker's arm
4. Lying stretched out face down
5. Kneeling on stool (my avatar)
6. Wheelbarrow

The game starts with a throw of the dice to decide which position is to be used. Once you are firmly in position the timer is turned over and the spanking starts. When the timer runs out the spanking stops for a 3 minute (timed) rest period. During this rest it can be good for the spanker to lightly stroke their partners bottom to re-sensitise it. When the rest is over the dice is thrown again for another spanking and so on. The game carries on until all six spanking positions have been used.

This game can be played for fun with light spankings but it is also very effective as a punishment.

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Sue put me on daily paddle punishment for 31 days, starting March 1rst. Usually a dozen swats with one of her tougher paddles, but not always. Today I chose 4 paddles for her, she will apply 20 punishment swats with each. With a 10 swat warm-up for each, and not counting penalty swats, that's 120 swats, hard, and applied with skill! Will be one of those days I ice pack my butt in between the series of swats with each paddle. Sue is also very likely after I get my last 20 swat blistering, to choose another paddle, or 2 or 3. A strictly punished hubby today, Tony.
1) To start Sue put me on the bench, underwear lowered a bit lower than gluteal fold. I'd oiled her board, she gave 4 smokin' swats. "You know I like this paddle. What do you think a of 20 swat board meeting, set a record?" As she was going to bed, "Think about it!" I am sitting here, feeling the burn of the first four paddle swats. A dozen swats is the most she has ever applied. I just sent her an email, requesting a 20 swat punishment with the board. [ Sue, I hope you will please have a board session, 20 of your best swats. Will you please give me a very strict 10 swat warm up?] After 10 of her warm ups, blistered severely, brightly colored, close to sobbing. Now it really starts, Sue gets serious and blisters me thouroughly. Wow, not getting out of this, reality sinking in.

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I am not keen on women's netball as a spectator sport - but I could become an avid fan if the losing team were lined up at the end of the match and slippered with their own plimsolls.

Anybody agree?

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Well its monday again geez time flies.
thank you to those that have inboxed and left messages on my last blog.
i am getting there and as some have you said its there loss not mine so they can do one.
i am not letting them get to me now. yes it was hurtfull at the time as been friends for over 10yrs but at end of day i am a fighter as some of you know and i will not let them win.
i am the winner is the motto of my life lol.
be warned heading back to my cheeky self again. Cheeky but nice

Thank you all so much again.
with love brat xxx

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Today I received an email from a viewer that basically informed me that the combined contents of our page (Video, Blogs, Pictures) have now scared a would-be spanker away from the scene with what is apparently a cold hearted approach to discipline and punishment within a relationship. The email was thusly stated:

Hello there, I am a DWM not currently in a relationship, but have had a fascination with spankings for the past year, especially females spanking males. I am not sure if you are old enough to recall "Scared Straight," a TV series back in the day where young hoodlums would be exposed to hardened convicts. The cons would berate and frighten the young criminals, literally scaring them straight. So I suppose it was serendipity that I came across your videos and blog, for which I sincerely thank you. I think it is wonderful that your lifestyle has provided a basis for a good relationship between you and your wife. But as for me, I will literally never watch another spanking video and will delete my spanking Tube membership. Your lifestyle scares the hell out of me and I would rather live alone, or die, than even consider it. I may or may not have spanking in a future personal relationship, but not with brutality and callous disregard for any person; nor the blatant hypocrisy of insisting on perfection in a sub to suit the whim of a dom . . . absolutely not. So thanks for scaring me straight even if it was serendipitous.

After reading this I did give an immediate, cordial, and meaningful response to this viewer, but now that I have had a chance to think more on the subject, I would like to address the thoughts and ideas posed in the above email with anyone that may stumble upon the content that we publish on our SpankingTube page.

If you are new to the scene and interested in creating a new lifestyle for yourself, the first thing you need to know is what your own Interests and limitations are. Sure, you will happen upon things on this site and others that you had never seen before or even considered, but before you start you should still have an idea where you are going. If you are reading this then you must already know that you at least have some interest in the realm of spanking and discipline.

Now that you are here, you must be aware that you will see some things as you research and look around, that you may not agree with, or even like. Remember, this is a very large world we live in and there are billions of people out there with just as many different ideas about what they want for their lives. When it comes to fetish and fantasy, you may have found the over all umbrella of the word spanking, but there are thousands of different ways to have your cup of tea under that umbrella. You have to keep an open mind. I have personally seen lots of things in this part of the world that did not originally agree with my tastes, but as I kept an open mind and was willing to experiment, I have found new horizons that have brought me pleasure beyond what I could have ever imagined.

You also have to remember that just by showing somewhat of an interest in spanking in general, there are large groups of people that would already cast judgement against you for having the thought and looking into it. I have come to realize that there never was any real “normal” in the world, just what people perceive as “normal” or “not normal.” I chose a long time ago to trade in the word normal for the word individual. I used to be one of those that cast judgement even though in the back of my own mind I knew I had cravings for different S&M activities that I covered up in the back of my daily routines. I used to be one of those that feared words like change, and different. I stayed away because I feared what I would find, and I grouped with the rest of the judgmental vanilla world because that was all I had.

The punishment that the Universe was leveling against me for all of those years was the depravation of the pleasures that I now have as a part of my every day life. I was kept from these tremendously awesome experiences and feelings because of my own pig headedness. All those years I could have already been right here Doing What It Is That We Do, but instead, it took me a very long time to make that crossover into the life that I have now and I missed, at least thousands of opportunities to endeavor into this incredible enjoyment that I now have at my fingertips.

Whats worse is that when I finally did try to reach out and tell some of those closest to me that I was having these thoughts, I was admonished and put down for my interests and ideas. I was treated like a freak, and talked about behind my back. Thank goodness that the internet came along and changed all of that. I finally found that I was not alone in this. It was like finding and taking the red pill (Matrix Reference) and seeing what was behind the curtains. And it was there that I found myself amongst a virtual sea of kinky pleasures and ideas.

So to you Mr. Unknown emailer, the worst thing you could possibly do is to come across the line and start hurling hurtful banter when you obviously have not given any of this enough time to sink in for you yet. You have no idea of the distance I have come to find my happiness. But what else you should be aware of, is that if you turn and run every time you see something that frightens may never end up on the road that will finally take you home. No should ever be able to force a lifestyle choice on you that you do not want to take. None of us are here to do that, only to share the ideas we have in a non-judgmental place where acceptance is the rule. And we are sharing those ideas so that others may come to find what parts they like and, or do not like.

None of us are suggesting that our way of kink is the only way to do kink. You must make your own decisions and follow your dreams and fantasies. Open your eyes and your mind, or you never did belong here in the first place.

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I am a straight male. I have never considered any kind of sex with men, and never wanted anything to enter my most private of private areas. Up until not long ago, I had a completely virgin anus. If you had asked me 5 years ago if I would let someone insert anything into it I would have gone ape shit. Anything getting close to my anus scared the hell out of me, but now, after being with Daila for the last 5 years, she has slowly opened me up to the wonderful possibilities of both pleasure and pain that can be derived from that very sensitive area and the myriad nerves that terminate both around it and just inside of it. Not to mention the incredible sensation we males get when a nice sized toy reaches our prostate.

Daila got me interested by first telling me about the incredible sensations I could feel if she would let me take one of her toys and insert it up to touch my prostate. She said she had seen men have incredible pleasures from having it done. At first I was a hard sell. Nothing was going up my ass for any reason, but one night when I had a few glasses of wine, the subject got brought up again and this time I decided what the hell. I trusted her, I knew that she was not going to think anything differently of me for having done it, and I knew that she would stop if I told her to. So away we went into this new experience for me. I think Daila wanted to seize the moment before I had a chance to change my mind because it only took her a second or two to have me face down on the bed with my ass exposed to her. Even the feeling of the lube going into my ass crack was severely strange to me. But what worked for me was that she slowed down at that point and communicated with me very thoroughly as we continued. She slipped a fairly slim and flexible, but long toy slowly into my ass crack until I felt it press up against my now clenching anus. My body was following along with my lifetime fear of this sort of event even though my mind was curious now and wanted to know what this was like. Daila talked calmly and eventually got me to relax. She softly worked the tip of the toy in circles around my anus and patiently waited for it to finally give in. That is when I felt something slip up my ass for the first time. I was shocked that it actually had a nice feel as it went further and further inside of me. I began to feel filled up, and strangely even that made me feel very good. When she finally pushed it in far enough to reach my prostate it was like an electric shock at first. Maybe it was just the surprise of having those nerves touched for the very first time ever. But even that initial shock was very pleasurable. It was just like Daila had promised it would be. Once I got used to that initial feeling, Daila began to work the toy back and forth, gently fucking my anus and massaging my prostate. The feeling was orgasmic. It was incredible. It felt like there was a line straight from there down the shaft of my cock. It was also amazing to me that even though she kept it there and maintained the gently motion on my prostate, I never actually came. It just felt like one very long orgasm with no end and no ejaculation.

Since we began our FLR relationship back in December she has now also shown me that the anus can be a major source of punishment, and torture as well as pleasure. I get figged quite often now and she occasionally has me shove objects into my ass (like the cucumber) to give me the stretching sensation of torture. To top it off, when she uses my anus as a punishment, I am put into very awkwardly exposing positions which still muster up my old fears and thoughts about not wanting my anus even touched, much less punished. I get embarrassed that I am being forced to submit and expose my most private of private places to my wife so that she can then punish me there in the most humiliating of ways. But I have come to except that from this point on I am going to have no secrets and nothing private from my wife. With our new arrangements she will constantly be into all of my business. I just have to remember that she is the only person in the world that I would trust with these secrets and then let her take control of it all.

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I told her I would spank her, and she asked me where.

“Where shall I spank you?”

“Yes, where?” she asked. “Here, in the back room of this coffee house, while the poet at the microphone recites his work aloud? Or should we go somewhere else, a hotel, maybe? Or your bedroom...”

“Does it matter where, my dear? Better that you ask me ‘how.’

“Just take a look around, sweet one. Some here listen politely to the poet at the mic, but his words wash over the shells that have formed and hardened around their souls, while others listen rapt, almost as naked as you will be when you soak up the warmth from my hand.

“Be like that, my love, open and fearful, but ready. It doesn’t matter where I spank you, only that I spank you well, that I feel your roundness, your smoothness and your wetness, that I touch you with the intensity of a raw nerve, that you shrink from the pain even as you embrace it. What matters is that we dance through the night like the earth and the moon, drawn to each other inexorably, coursing through our looping orbits of gentle pain and anguished bliss, floating through this eternal night skin to skin and heart to mind, thirsting for and quenching each other in a paradoxical mix of ouches and ecstasy.

“Where, you ask, my sweet love? How about on the Metro, in Paris.”

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So my boys lost.
To this I offer the most spiritual response of all: fuck it.

My heart aches mostly for Federici. Bad luck man, just bad luck.

So optimistically I salute mistymornings and say 'I back your horse'.

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