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If you want to then you may

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current listen - the Garza brothers - better known as: Los Lonely Boys

(I've lived in the desert of the Southwest,
am very hip to the TexMex sound)

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So tell me how I'm in the market and this little girl who looks like she's about 8 years old( much too old ) was sitting in a Stroller. She kept staring at me like I stole her tooth fairy money! Lmao So me being the "ADULT" I smiled and waved at her. Her little ass rolled her eyes at me all stank. So me being who the fuck I really am (cause an 8 yr old aint gonna punk me) I asked her mother if I could give her some candy. The mom said yes, sure. I told the girl to put it in her pocket for later, she smiled and did it. I smiled right back and then walked over to a worker and told them the little girl just stole M&M'S. The worker said "Thanks for letting us know, I'm so sick of these parents not controlling their children". Manager walks over to the mother and asked to empty the girl's pockets. I then shoot the girl the middle finger, laughed and walked out the store. DON'T PLAY WITH ME YOU LIL BITCH!!.... ..just kiddin lol lol

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suche in und um Berlin geile Guys für geiles und ausgiebiges spanken, jemand Zeit und Interesse, bin sowohl aktiv als auch passiv, 49,175,75

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To this tradition I say no. I do not need one.

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DO NOT USE MY CAR TODAY. those were his last words before he left for work this morning.
I had to go out, last chance to pick up a friends birthday gift before birthday bash tomorrow.
My profile pic used to say 'fuck final thought before making most decisions' well that was the thought process I used while reversing his pride and joy Range Rover Vogue off the drive. Every thing was fine...I'd be home before him and he'd be none the wiser. That was until I tried negotiating a multi story car park! Now the whole passenger side has a huge scrape from front to rear.
Do you all think he'll just shout at me?
Do I run away?
Do I tell him that a kid must of come by and keyed the side?
If I were your other half, wouldn't you just be glad I wasn't hurt and be lenient?

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thanks you all for the comments on my last blog... was dealing with some real life DRAMA now iam back ... still have the DRAMA but iam ok dont worry ... iam still a good girl need a good stress release .. ass whooping smiling

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We all start some where. Lets not forget how much we've changed or the battles we've fought getting where we are now. Never give up! Things will change and life really can get better.

Happy spanks my peoples,

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I wanted to tell you how it came about that I did not go to a very special event that I had been looking forward to – It had actually been going on for a little while now, but as it was a case of “Spiritual Warfare” – I said nothing – I think you will understand, as the story unfolds – but just to set your mind at rest, dispite some problems, I am completely sure, with a good ending!

About 3 weeks before, at church, I got the feeling that God did not want me to go to this event – but I had been looking forward to it for so long (Nearly a year) – so I tried to just ignore the feeling! – I’m only human! - I wondered if God wanted me to give up all Fetish activities – but that didn’t make sense – I KNOW that I am an honest “Witness” in the Fetish World, not only to my Faith, but ALSO to the fact that one CAN have an active interest in Fetish, and still be Christian! (I am UTTERLY convinced, that God WANTS His Servants to bear witness there, where so many churches are terribly prejudiced) - but still the feeling persisted, and got stronger! (God is patient, but He is also persistant!)

Things came to a head in the Church service the day before – we had Communion, and I even wondered if I should take it! Then I realised that the “Sin” I was contemplating, was NOT the Fetish aspect, it was “Rebellion” against what the Holy Spirit was positively “Screaming at me”, to get my attention! – the rest of the Service seemed to underline that feeling! The Holy Spirit DOES speak to His Children, it is NOT something that “Died” after the Bible was written! – I came to realise that God was NOT saying there was anything wrong with what I am doing in this – but He WAS asking me if I was putting my enjoyment BEFORE Him? – If you like, He was putting me to the test – was this event, that I had been so looking forward to, more important to me than what God wanted? – Put THAT way – the answer HAS to be “NO”!

There was once a little Childrens song? – “I fought the Lord, and the Lord WON”? – Well, at heart, I was “fighting” the Lord- but in my heart, I know the Lord HAS to “Win” HE is my GOD, and He MUST come first! – Once I had sent my cancellation, and apologies – I got my peace back – yes I am sad to miss it – but I am sure that I have NOW got my “Priorities Right”

There is still of course my human curiosity as to WHY God would choose THIS specific event – well I can see a number of possible reasons:
1. It MAY be a simple warning, not to let my Fetish become TOO strong in my life (“All things in Moderation”)
2. It MAY be a test – NOT to satisfy God, He knows the answer already, but for MY benefit, to give ME confidence to do more work for Him in the area of witnessing to the Fetish World!
3. He MAY be warning me against some unknown danger, maybe a terrible traffic accident, or maybe someone He does not want me to associate with there – such a warning could be practical, Spiritual, or even to keep me from some temptation – I have no idea, and maybe never will do in this life!

We are in GOD’S hands, and sometimes He says “NO”, but when He does, His wisdom is infinitely greater than any Human “Father” (or Surrogate! He He!)

I hope this may interest you, not only at the “Curiosity level”, but also in an understanding of “Spiritual Warfare”! satan is ALWAYS trying to trap us with his snares – but despite what some think, GOD is my “Strong Tower” - “my defence in times of Trouble” and THAT is what Faith is all about!

This is just a small, but true story, of the practical outworking of my Faith, and my Fetish life – I am not trying to Claim “I AM RIGHT!” but rather to show how important it is, to keep close to God, and HIS purposes – And I hope also, to say it is not “Fetish” that is sinful, but rather the way we may be tempted to use it!

God Bless you all.

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Shockingly (maybe?), I actually *do not* like to have my ass smacked -during- sex.

Is that just me?

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runs on to the site .. slams into the wall ouchhhhhh ...... Cassandra is BACK yallllllll

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Third time's a charm, right? I will try this one more time.
I came bounding into the living room still wearing my school girl outfit. Daddy was lying on the couch, wearing only a t-shirt.
" Why is it so hot in here Daddy?"
"Because the AC is broken. "
I sit down at the end of the couch next to Daddy, who is lying on his stomach trying to read a book.
" Look what I have, a strawberry ice pop. It's yummy, do you want some daddy? It will cool you off."
"No thank you baby girl, now be good and let me read."
Well, being good is not one of my better qualities, and I was bored. Daddy looked really hot, so I tried to cool him off anyway. I took my ice pop and let it drip on his naked backside. Then, thinking I was doing a really good thing, I started to lick it off and suck it up.
" Hey, hey! What are you doing?! You can't do that! You are being very naughty right now ! What in the world made you think you could do that?!"
" But Daddy, it's so yummy, don't you like it? I know you want Mommy to do that to you. I heard you asked her and she said no!" So I kept dripping, and licking, and sucking...
" That's it! I told you that's naughty! Over my knee right now little girl."
The next thing I knew I was over Daddy's knees, my skirt pulled up and my panties pulled down. Daddy started spanking my bare bottom over and over and over. Then when I thought he was all finished, he put on those dreaded black gloves and spanked me even harder!
"But Daddy, that's not fair! You know you liked it too !"
And I couldn't help but notice saying that there was something poking my tummy while Daddy was spanking me. When I was done crying, and daddy wasn't so mad anymore, I asked him what that was poking me. Well, he wouldn't tell me.
I found out the "hard way" about two minutes later.

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My love, where are you today?
Do you not know the things I would do for you,
the things I would give up,
just to have you here next to me
instead of so far away
so unreachable.

I wish to have you hold my hand in your own,
to rest my head on your broad shoulder,
to hear your heartbeat under my ear,
to taste your sweet kiss,
to feel the nip of your sharp teeth on my bottom lip,
and elsewhere....

I ache to feel your hand crash down on my bare bottom
I yearn to have you rub that smarting redness away after you have brought it on
I crave the sound of your voice, your laugh, your whisper in the shell of my ear,
that voice I have yet to hear for the first time, but which will become my most favorite sound in this entire world

I long for your gaze on my body, unfiltered, lustful, possessive
I hunger for the taste of your skin under my tongue, nibbles in the right places, long licks of the tongue around your hard cock
My hands desire the touch of your body, the hard plains, the soft skin...

I pine for you, my love,

Where are you?

Please come for me soon

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...because in my estimation, you can NEVER, get enough,

Angus Young

"On the day I was born the rain fell down
there was trouble brewing in my home town
it was the seventh day, I was the seventh son
and I scared the hell out of everyone"

Bad Boy Boogie

for those about to rock, I salute you!
(it was obligatory that I say that, sorry)

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103 messages within 3 days… that makes 30+ something a day…

oh, you do the math! LOL

Guys and girls listen, please:
I really don’t mind answering messages. But maybe I can save you and myself some time and answer the FAQs right here, on the blogs

let’s see…

1) "What is a DD Domme?"
that’s me, stupid

2) "Are you going to spank me when I’m naughty?"
nope gonna cuddle you to death

3) "What does a sub need to do?"
all I say! (what else?)

4) "What are your favorite implements?"
everything I can make you stop asking silly questions with

5) "What am I supposed to call you? Missy? Infinity?"
I prefer ma’am, thank you.

6) "Can I be your sub, ma’am?"
Mmh… not sure, C A N you?

7) "How old are you?"
Do you have a death wish????

8) "Where are you from?"
- G.E.R.M.A.N.Y - and yes, my English is not perfect but how’s your

9) "May I kiss your feet?"
Sure! Let’s see how you’re doing that on skype!

10) "What reward do I get for being a good boy?"
I’m not gonna have you for breakfast, honey –isn’t that enough?

LOL… you know I’m not being all serious ;~)

Missy / Infinity / ma’am / mom… wtf…

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back from campin...NOTHIN happened............end of story........

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So a lot of you have messaged me to see if I am okay. Yesterday a friend was suppose to have come and spanked me. I am fine. I am alive. It didn't happen though. Not sure what happened with him but he was a no show and he never called or sent a text as to why. I hope he's okay but I think he is. I had a feeling that was going to happen. But everything happens for a reason right?

Anyway thank you for your concern. It means a lot that so many of you care about me. Love y'all too.

Happy spanks,

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If there are any males in the San Antonio, Texas area in need of discipline sessions, I offer them. Private sessions are available. Message me if you are interested.

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I have a question for all of you spankee/submissive girls out there. My kid brother over here in the UK is also a Dom to his submissive wife. They are incredibly happy. We act totally independently but It got me thinking whether any of you girls have ever entertained the idea of being bottom to 2 guy tops in the same session or is one daddy at a time enough for you? I realise a number of you are in happy DD relationships/marriages so this question is purely hypothetical? :-) Love and Hugs, Frankie

Girl Spanks Girl