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I am apologizing right now to anyone who get offended by my blog today in advance.
I am sick and tired of fucking lying ass men who think that they know everything there is about a woman. Let's this fucking straight right the fuck now. Every woman is different and require a different things in their life, their home, and their level of maturity. I know the same goes for men. I am just sick and fucking tired of these lame ass mutther fucking men telling they know how to tame me and never met me. I sick and tired of guys telling they are going to do something or show up and don't. I am SICK of men calling me a lair until they actually meet and I prove them so fucking wrong. I sick of dealing with fucking court system that allow repeat offender get out of jail so they repeat what did over and over again. I am just at the point of explosion right now. This all from man who is lock up in jail telling my family that we are getting back together after I divorce his sorry ass for being an abuser, a user, and down low down dirty dog of all men. I am so ready to do something stupid to him for making my life a living Hell!!!! All this is going on while I am trying to get my life back on track. I AM AT THIS POINT STRESS THE HELL OUT WITH EVERYTHING!!!!!! DAMN I NEED SOME STRESS RELIEF RIGHT NOW!!!!!

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So hubby spanked me as he was leaving for work today- just the usual tap on the arse but with more intent i felt this time- think tonight has potential in the air.

Starting to realise i really am a switch -
i am very much in charge of my day to day life, running an extremely busy and successful business with lots of young ladies working for me and doing as they are told, and a busy household with three young children, that i have always felt that me being a submissive was a form of release.
i had a great spanking master for a while and he kept me nicely in check but as we became too emotionally involved we agreed to go our separate ways.

So I'm going to continue to encourage hubby to take control of me, and I'm going to try my best to give up that control during this "play time"
but i am also going to explore becoming more of the disciplinarian side with regards to spanking as its definitely part of my personality anyway.
As such I am now on the look out for some deserving butts.
If i find someone who shows me respect and really wishes to learn how to behave properly then i may devoted what little spare time i have to them exclusively. but this person really really does need to do as i tell them and not make me angry.

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I've been binge watching Arrow lately,does anyone else on here watch it? It's become my guilty pleasure on netflix lol it's hard to resist.

Television has gotten pretty decent in the last few years...with shows like Breaking Bad,Big Bang Theory,Scandal,How to get away with Murder,Game of Thrones,The Walking Dead...etc...(I could seriously go on and write a book in the process)
I just enjoy good story telling.

So what shows are you obsessed with?

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The judge imposed a most inventive sentence.
We'd re-enact the mural in Pompeii
That shows a flagellation mystery.

Not only did it heighten my repentance,
It let us frolic naked for a day,
And have some fun with ancient history!

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We always take feedback seriously and have listened to members requests for various darker storylines as well as a return to more traditional films - well, you should be seeing these appear now here and at Sarah's sites when we film from now on. The latest at the time of writing for AAA is a fantastic workplace discipline film with Adriana Evans & Johnny Lake who spanks and straps her to very real tears: the most she had ever cried when filmed! We felt quite honored that this film was a cathartic release for her.

Another superb new model, Lily Swan, wanted an extreme work out film whilst being severely strapped and caned across her very sore bottom, this is extremely popular with members too!

More traditional films such as "Spanked after school" have proved a massive hit for lovers of real life Mother/daughter style discipline at home (and has also been a BIG hit on various clips stores).

We are happy to see that our results are paying off and will continue to film these. As always, we welcome storylines, feedback and how you might want to see more traditional films portrayed.

We do custom shoots as well - and have become rather good at fulfilling a customer's request privately at a very reasonable price - please email John at eubilling @ (his usual work address) or Sarah Gregory at her usual email for further info and mention you saw this mentioned at the Spanking Tube Blog
Sarah's email: sarahgregory02 @
(join the gmail addresses together without the spaces).

Thank you,
John & Sarah

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I haven’t been inspired to write much spanky stuff lately. However, I just learned about this poetic form of inverted stanzas that mirror each other. The first stanza is a kind of internal argument, and the second stanza answers it, using the same lines, with minor variation, in reverse order. Spiffy, huh? For some reason, a spanky poem did come to mind.

To acquiesce, not to run,
She’d made her choice.
Her friends would not understand
Why she would succumb, though.
She was ashamed to admit
he spanked her butt.

He spanked her, but
she was ashamed to admit
why she would succumb. Though
her friends would not understand,
she’d made her choice
to acquiesce, not to run.


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Been a busy week and no time to give Crimson her discipline for her lapses in judgement and good behavior. Texting while driving being a big one and she'll get her accountability time tonight :)

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Em disrespected me. I am huge on respect. I am more like a guy when it comes to the things I want and how I see them. I want Respect, loyalty, honesty, blind obedience. I'm very strict with the girls that are mine. I do what I do for their own good and my pleasure of course. I help them in their lives and they are devoted to me. They belong to me. I own them. They are to follow my rules 24/7, Or pay the consequences.
I have pics and video of her consequences that I'm trying to get uploaded
em is my lil angel today.

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Hi everyone! Streptococcus has been keeping me under the weather.
I have been try to run and keep motivated but it has become painful to breathe. Today I had to walk most of my training and it was on the treadmill.
Amoxicillin, Sudafed, and Aleve are my friends.
BoT is been a big support. He keeps a close eye on what I am doing and if it is too much.
And the weather is not helping me out at all. 50°F on day 10°F the next.
I wish everyone well!

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just had 2 days of spankings with my ex wife
will be posting them this weekend
i don't have time to edit them now since i am going out of town
but i will keep you posted when i upload it
i am just gonna combine the two instead of uploading 2 different ones since they happen a day apart

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She sucked on her lower lip. “You probably think I’m a mess.”

“No,” he said, his thumb stroking her cheekbone. “I think you’re a talented actress with incredible potential whose current lifestyle choices might be affecting her well-being.”

She looked at him from under her lashes, allowing a hint of coquettishness. “And I just need a daddy to look after me?”

His lips curved into a devastating smile. “That’s what I’m thinking. A very strict Daddy who will not hesitate to warm your bottom for you.”

She wanted to believe he could make it all better, but the underlying anxiety over her big-picture problems remained. She shoved them down to the pit of her belly and snuggled into his warm embrace. “Thank you,” she murmured.

“Are you hungry, little girl?” he asked, stroking her hip. “You must be. What have you eaten today?”

“I’m starving,” she admitted, starting to stand up.

He lifted her off his lap and stood, patting her bottom. It wasn’t nearly as sore as it had been an hour ago, which was slightly disappointing.

She wrapped his robe more tightly around her and trailed him into the kitchen.

He opened the refrigerator door and peered inside. “Turkey sandwich?”
“I don’t eat bread, but sure.”

He paused. “Right.” He looked back in the fridge.

“It’s fine. I’ll just have the turkey. Do you want me to fix dinner?”
“No,” he said, pulling out the sandwich fixings. “I’m making dinner. Your time would best be served…” he paused as if inventing it as he went, “bending over that counter and showing Daddy your punished bottom.”

Something fluttered in her belly. Her head felt hot and buzzy. At the tender age of twenty-four, she’d spent more than half her lifetime performing. She understood perfectly what he wanted from her, and she was happy to comply. She walked to the granite countertop and leaned over it, hiking the robe up to reveal her bottom. Reaching back, she ran her hand over her cheeks, squeezing a little to renew the pain.

She winced. Still tender. She heard the sounds of plates coming out of the cabinet, mayo and mustard bottles squirting. She decided the robe was in the way and slipped it off, letting it fall to her feet. Fully naked now, she rested her cheek on the counter and reached back with both hands, rubbing her bottom like a naughty girl.

Joel’s hand tangled in her hair and he lifted her head up. His breath felt hot in her ear. “You look so cute like that, little girl.”

“I was hoping,” she purred.

“Were you?” His voice sounded deep and gravelly. He caught her nipple and tugged it, pinching and rolling it between his fingers. She crossed her legs and squeezed, her pussy clamping in response.

He slapped the back of her thigh, lightly. “Open those legs for Daddy.”
She slid her feet apart.

He slapped again, a little harder.

She gasped.


She stepped out further.

“Good girl,” he said, his fingers reaching around the front of her to stroke along her slit. “Now, let’s go over some rules of the house,” he said, sliding open the drawer beside her and pulling out a rubber spatula, followed by a heavy wooden spoon. Moisture began to seep between her legs and he gathered it, spreading it up her labia and circling her clit. “I expect instant and complete obedience from my baby girl,” he said. “And I will control your entire world. You won’t leave the house without permission, you won’t eat or drink unless I approve the food and you won’t watch television unless I determine if the shows are appropriate. I will dress you or give final approval on any outfit you choose.”

She giggled and then yelped when the wooden spoon connected sharply with her ass.

“Do you think that’s funny, little girl?”

“No sir, no Daddy,” she yelped.

He patted her bottom with the spoon. “Any disobedience or sass will be immediately punished. I can be a very stern daddy.”

Hollywood starlet Marissa Sparks’ career teeters on the brink of implosion. Her mansion is nearly under foreclosure, her rockstar boyfriend left her for a supermodel, and her habits of partying all night, drinking to excess and taking prescription drugs get her fired from her current picture. Her only hope is to convince Joel Sutherland, her co-star and one of the movie’s producers to give her another chance.

Joel knows Marissa has talent and a sweet, submissive nature, but believes her mother and sister are a terrible influence. All she needs is a strict daddy to take her in hand and give her some firm over-the-knee discipline and loving guidance. When she shows up at his door begging for his help, he agrees to advocate for her return to the movie on one condition: she must move in with him and live as his Little until filming is complete.

Marissa submits to Joel’s dominance and seems to thrive under his structure and protection, but he isn’t sure if it’s all a ploy to stay in the movie. She is, afterall, a talented actress and could be faking everything. At the end of filming, she might just pick up and walk out his front door, taking his heart with her.


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I have a friend. A woman named Kathy around her mid to late twenties I believe. I knew her family well and she knew mine. We had been neighbors for several years now. Her parents and family were a lot like mine in many ways. The most notable way was the fact that both our families believed in still punishing us and our siblings like children if needed.
I went with my family to spend a weekend at her house up the street. They had a pool and several acres of wooded and grass covered land. They had a couple of horses as well. When we arrived I knew things this weekend would be interesting. It seems Kathy had forgot to do her chores and clean up the Horse stalls. They were not her horses but her sister and brothers. She still shared in all the house chores though. When we walked in her mother Mary greeted us and told us she hoped we didn't mind but Kathy had been naughty and had to be punished. She asked if we would watch to add to her humiliation and punishment.
My Mother Kelly said.
“Oh, no problem Mary. We have had to punish Ric like this sometimes as well, right honey?”
My father smiled.
“Yes we do. Last month he came home two hours late if you recall Mary. That was the day we asked if Kathy could stay and help us teach Ric a lesson.”
She nodded and showed us a couch to sit on and my mother and her took our weekend bags to our rooms. A couple of minutes later my mother sat on the couch with us and Kathy's father came into the room dragging Kathy by the ear.
“Ow! Dad please do not do this! I am too old for this!”
“You are NOT too old for this as long as you live under our roof! You lost your apartment because you could not manage your funds. So now we do that for you and you WILL learn your lesson when you are naughty!”
I could not help but smile because I knew what was coming. Kathy was wearing a nice white button blouse and a dark blue mini skirt that barely covered her ample bottom. I always loved to look at her nice round bottom when she was being punished. But I digress. Her father still had her by her ear and he marched over to his favorite spanking chair. He let go of her ear and put his foot up onto the chair. He deftly grabbed her under her arms an put her across his knee. He was quite strong and did this with
ease. Plus she was not all that tall and this all added together to make her seem to look like a disobedient 6 year old being turned over her father's knee. Her legs dangled in the air. Completely at his mercy. He removed her slippers baring her feet then lifted her mini skirt and pulled off her white cotton panties. She was now what our parents called “Barefoot and Bare bottomed”.
“Please Daddy. I promise I will do all my chores, please don't give my a spanking.”
Her pleas fell on deaf ears.
“Kathy, I want you to slightly spread your legs and point your feet and curl your toes and hold still. I want Ric's family to see you get a good hard barefoot bare-bottom spanking.”
“Yes daddy. I guess I have to learn my lesson.”
'Yes Kathy you do. If you ask for it and do exactly as I ask I will make it quicker and then you can stick your nose in the corner and rub your hot red freshly spanked bottom for a while.”
“Yes Daddy. I was a naughty little girl. I didn't do my chores. I need to be Barefoot and Bare Bottomed over your knee. I need you to spank my naughty bare cheeks until I have learned a good lesson.”
“This will teach you a lesson you will not soon forget!”
His large hand came down across her waiting bare bottom cheeks and the wobbled and moved with every smack.

I could see her crotch in full view and I could see her bare bottom crack ever so slightly spread as he spanked her. She had learned not to clench her cheeks or he would spank harder. She sat there dangling over his knee, completely humiliated, Legs spread and crotch and Bottom crack bare for all to see while he spanked her.
“Alright Kathy, you can kick your legs just a little and I want to hear you crying like the little well punished girl you are.”
As I watched her legs began to kick a little and I could hear her crying like a well punished toddler would cry. Bawling and tears flowing freely now.
“Whaaaaa aaahhh! Whaaa whaaa aaaaah! I promise to be a good little girl Daddy. My bare bottom is so sore! Whaaaaa aaahhh! Whaaa whaaa aaaaah!”
But he kept up the spanking. Faster and a little firmer.
He finally stopped and put her down. He pinned up the back of her mini skirt exposing her red well spanked cheeks. He made her stand in the corner and told her to rub herself.
“Kathy, I want you to shamefully rub your hot, red, freshly spanked bare bottom.”
“Yes Daddy.”
I watched as she rubbed that severely punished bottom and realized I was hard as a rock excited. My mother noticed as well and smiled at me. She knew I liked Kathy and knew I liked to see her punished and the same with Kathy seeing me punished turned her on as well. She had spanked us by the pool one summer and noticed how excited we became. After she took me to my room and stripped me naked and said she had better “Milk” me so I would not be embarrassed by my stiff little pee pee. That was very embarrassing.
But again I digress.
I knew as I looked back at Kathy that this weekend was going to be quite exciting.

{to be continued}

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Sorry all but I need some breathing space.

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We are getting nonstop news coverage in the States of the tragic Lufthansa flight than crashed in French Alps. Our thoughts and prayers go out to family and friends. God bless.

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funny how sometimes these thought pop into my head

im going to go around my neighborhood this weekend and put up fliers that say





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Hello everybody! At the end of March I am going to Italy for 2 weeks with my senior class. I won't be back till middle of April.

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A good friend of mine, and a fellow spankophile, recently was stating that she had a "Spanking Bucket List". This got me thinking. What would I put on my spanking bucket list? As a spanker, not a spankee, maybe mine is different... but this is my list anyway.

1. I would love to spank someone in drop-seat pajamas. That seems like so much fun. And, isn't that one of the reasons to have a drop seat?
2. I would love to spank someone in the backseat of a car.
3. Spanking someone by candlelight (outside)
4. Spank someone in the middle of a forest.
5. Spank someone in all 50 states (I am at 4 states at this point).
6. As an ex-teacher, I would love to be able to give a real school paddling.

This is not my complete list... but I am curious. What would be on your bucket list?

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This is a sort of behind the scenes post you might not always hear about. It’s probably the worst side of running various websites – the hiring process and casting for talent in whatever given niche you are looking to produce content for is often straight forward, and in my case 95% of the time it is – once you have a proven track record or established a place or pool where you can contact prospective models from etc… but when that goes wrong, oh boy, it can go wrong badly! For if they don’t turn up, or lie about their talents or change their minds about agreed parameters carefully discussed in advance, what should you do? This has always been the worst part for me and I am going to write about it from a producer’s view as it had happened to me a few times over the years and I am writing about it today as it is affecting someone I know – I am not going to name names (right now) unless they want to be silly and carry on with this precocious bullshit. So where do we begin? I will let you know what it is like when a model doesn’t turn up, when she says she is and you are waiting for her to arrive on the day of your carefully planned shoot. Let’s start there and build up to that, then I will explain to you just what is happening to the producer in question – and the way he is being treated right now! I am sure she feels aggrieved, but, let me be clear, this is sadly just what happens from time to time, which is why you girls charge far more per hour (which I have no problem with, by the way) as the very nature of our business can change from time to time. However, it is about how we deal with what happens overall and accepting that sometimes, just sometimes, circumstances change beyond our control on either side and we deal with the fallout after but we don’t threaten people with lawyers or demand money for cancellations well in advance when things can be rescheduled.

Shoot Check List:
I have to tell you, this bit is what I dislike the most contacting for new models and arranging shoots or new locations. Personally, it’s not my thing. Some may love it… but it is very time consuming, I find. So do I find a new location? Is it kink friendly? I have to investigate it and then I ALWAYS CONSIDER the models and their locations they have to get to. If it is too far for them, in England, if I shoot there, then I would consider putting them up in a hotel the night before. I won’t put them in a shitty place either, or fly them in (as I have done once) on a poor airline… nope, I want the model to go back knowing I had prepared this part of her trip with her in mind. I would hope that the young lady would be rested and ready to go. I like to think once I put my mind to it, that I have never chosen a bad location or had girls complain about my particular shoot that I did in the way that they were treated etc (well, maybe Alex Reynolds will jokingly complain about how cold a studio was that we filmed in but we were all freezing that day in a really cold spell which was around Springtime 2 years ago, lol!!!)

I also remember bringing over Leandra from Holland a little later that year and I chose a good airline which she loved and a nice hotel within easy distance of the shoot location that I had picked her up and took her back to after… and even paid her in Euros at the interbank rate rather than have her get fleeced at a retail bank or “Bureau de Change” (I used to work in that line of business in the past and knew it well as I advised her so I saved her up to a further 10% of her fee!) Generally, I like to think of myself as a pretty decent enough guy to work for. The other thing producers usually have a lot to do is the pre comms emails & such, discussing wardrobe requirements & the type of films we do or might cover: I make sure the girls check out the website or give them access to clips so they are fully aware of what we do if they are not familiar with the site. Nowadays that is never usually a problem and less so when I co work with Sarah. So if a producer asks for fully nude or whatever the requirements are, and ask them about their hard limits and what they are prepared to do or not do… this gets worked out in advance so it is clear, it’s pretty standard stuff. So I will know that one girl can be caned or another will do masturbation or be gagged or whatever it is I or a producer would require etc etc – it’s how it works. Of course rates also are discussed early on, I get that out of the way and move on once we establish what will be done. On the model prep side that is pretty much it.
Depending on who it is, I would also usually want to talk to them on the phone as well, that way we would discuss any other issues that might arise. After that we then have to ensure we have our paperwork ready, equipment (cams batteries, lights and implements) our own wardrobe, any other issues like a car able to travel to a destination (I am rather selfless in that I will travel much further afield to accommodate the girls… they may not know that, but it is what I do if I am in the UK since I tend to be at the ass end of the country anyway where no one will come to! Then it checking with studios/hotels etc to confirm and reconfirm. Once this is all done I feel then I could relax. It’s not such a chore but there is a lot of time consuming work as you can see.

I love making good films that I like customs for others and paying girls for a fantastic shoot, and usually that is the case – I have had times where I felt in the past that I was cheated when the girl had claimed she could do something when in fact she was totally unsuitable for our day and that made me uncomfortable. Depending on what has already been invested, nowadays, I would probably stop the shoot as I have lots of content, but a few years ago I would compromise and we would get through but at what cost? I would be far from happy with what I had done. To be honest, that hasn’t happened too much recently but just highlighting what can sometimes happen… and it usually compromises the intensity of a spanking film which might change which is totally understandable. One day we feel fine the next our tolerances for a particular pain threshold will fluctuate. I understand that but don’t let that understanding mean that I can be duped into spanking lightly when I had requested we were employing someone for a hard shoot etc… especially if the rate was higher! It’s little things like that, but I am showing you WORST case scenarios! This is RARE! Very rare!

I like to think I can usually sense if something like this is happening and have range and know when someone has reached their limits. I’m not a bastard, I won’t push them fully and make them call “Red” or “Cut” or whatever safeword was negotiated… I’d stop and we’d discuss how they were feeling. Guess who I misread 2 years ago… Alex again (LOL!)

I can use Alex in reference as I know her and consider her a good friend in the scene and she is the partner to a very decent guy and friend of mine, so I want to share this anecdote with you. On this particular day, it was the 2nd of a 2 day shoot between myself and Northern Spanking – the studio had heat but the gas burners needed to be switched off during filming and within 10 minutes the set had got cold quickly. Now compound this with being spanked hard by both Paul and I – Alex was the only spankee on set & she had just arrived prior to this from filming a hard 2 day shoot in Holland. AND… to further emphasize how I underestimated her tolerance at that time… she had flown in from America literally just before that so was just about recovering from jet lag too! I am useless when I fly east… with hindsight, I should have known. She flew into the UK and then out almost straight away to Europe and back. Originally, Paul and I had booked her at the start of her UK tour, but neither of us knew that she had managed to squeeze in 2 days into another country. I don’t blame Alex… I might be a bit pissy with the producer that snuck her in just before us, we are all spanking companies, we know girls take time to recover, yes… even legendary Alex (Spankee of 2014 no less, I should add!) – and we had deliberately chosen the date carefully to allow her to get over the dreaded jetlag and start her tour of the UK as she had work with other producers too at a later date. Still, shit happens – I made her cry and felt shit at the time as we had discussed a judicial caning scene and I wanted to save it for the end of the shoot. I had a wardrobe and the studio had a specific set (it was my sole reason for choosing it to be honest, and having a cool school room set) – I of course then realized and dropped the plot immediately and was prepared to finish there and then but Paul did a rather cool and loving film with her and of course this worked out more than fine… in fact I could see something develop between them in this film almost like when I filmed with Sarah at the Shadowlane Party later that year… bizarre!

OK, that is my experience – now imagine when a girl just doesn’t bother to turn up or gives one excuse hours before she is due to appear after I have gone through all the above checks to ensure she is Ok etc. Look at the preparation, the logistics, the planning, hiring other people to film as cam guys etc… all this down the toilet cos they could not be bothered to turn up. I bite my lip, I vow that I will never give them a second chance and move on. Girls who do that to me – after all the detail of preparing that I go through, I won’t hire them unless they call me and explain as things, of course, can go wrong and to be honest, we all know when people are lying. I am sharing this with you as it is RARE but I want to put things into perspective when I tell you about part 2 and a model going crazy at a producer for cancelling (and his reasons & her reaction to it).

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Which finally brings me onto the 2nd part of my rant… when we as producers cancel on the model – and then they get all mad at us and start demanding cancellation fees or threatening to bring in “their lawyer” – again, I am not impressed and I am not naming names here – not unless they persist and I will name and shame them and and I don’t give a flying fuck what they think. As this behavior (as you’ll read below) is totally unacceptable.I have written copious paragraphs about how things as a producer can go wrong when a model doesn’t turn up. Sure, I get angry and am mad as hell. Do I sue? Do I threaten? Do I try and claim back financially my hours of prep, my hotel fees or studio rental fees I have told you about? No, I tell other producers exactly what happened, the sort of producers I would think they would want to work for… and let them know. Essentially we will “blacklist” them. It’s up to the others to decide if they want to film with her, I give them my reasons and let them make up their minds. I have no issue if they want to hire the girl I might have mentioned that I would never approach again… that is not for me to decide.So getting back to when a model gets upset if we cancel. I understand, we all have schedules, but there are some things that are beyond our control. Now if this happens to be 2 weeks in advance, I think, “it is a pain…” but you could possibly reschedule (depending on the location) or have 3 weeks to find other work in that area. I know this happens to Sarah all the time… usually with male sub sessions (which I guess is NOT that surprising) and in many cases a deposit can be required as male subbie types tend to flake out 80% of the time. Producers, and this producer in question, would not ever knowingly flake out unless it was for a damned good reason. & it was – the reason is not pertinent, just accept for now that it was – I know he will read this so I don’t want to start writing more on this than is necessary, this post is already turning to be a bit of a monster (sorry, you guys are not normally used to this from me, are you?)Now add to that I have seen the communications on a Fetlife messaging system – and as far as I know, he hasn’t actually talked on the phone to her. A rate was set, he somehow accepted a very high starting non nude rate (which I have to say I wouldn’t, nor would Sarah who I talked to this about and I know other spanking producers wouldn’t either) then when he wanted perhaps thong and then panties down, as most of us would… the rates increased to something we wouldn’t accept. OK, perhaps that was his fault, it was only a couple of hours, not a full day shoot… hell, we have all negotiated a bad deal once (I say once as I just don’t do that shit anymore) and he knows I will be having words with him on this… but hey, that was the rate, so be it. Cool. However, as I said, something happened, he wrote to her to cancel the shoot for then… it just couldn’t go ahead. So cue the threats that he had to pay a cancellation fee, that if he didn’t pay up it would increase to her full cancellation fee of $150 (why was she doing him a “favor” in the 1st place?) and then, of course, I had forgotten to tell you they had somehow agreed that she shouldn’t get marked? WHAT??? He owns a spanking store that essentially has girls spanked and getting red bottoms. I’m not saying he has to be mean and welt them… but they are going to get a red bottom, it’s a spanking and his site generally has punishment spankings on them. How the fuck can she not get marked? Maybe I have misunderstood, probably no lasting marks then, like… gone in 24 hours or the next morning… usually a hand spanking and leather strap etc is good to heal quickly, but as we know, each girl is different in how they react so it is hard to call… I say this to every girl who does spanking, each day is different, each spanker different… do NOT go to a glamour shoot a day or 2 after a spanking shoot (unless you really do have buns of steel and there are a few girls I know can easily do this) but for the rest of you girls… do NOT impose this idiotic rule on spanking sites. We just won’t hire you. We will hire a girl that WANTS to be spanked, it is our core niche, it is what we do. If you don’t want to be marked, then stay the fuck away from a spanking or bondage site. Period! Just do your fetish photography or other fetishes that don’t require marking like cosplay or POV, humiliation etc… it’s a niche we are in so respect that, please, ladies.
I WILL REPEAT: Don’t show the sites who you are trying to gain employment off a massive disrespect by pulling this stunt! So of course I will let all spanking sites that want to know (based in the US) who she is in private (you guys know my address or Fetlife msg me) – I will guarantee you won’t have heard of her as she isn’t in our niche – well, I haven’t seen her spanked on our sites!So currently I am hearing she still wants to extract the cancellation fee and is getting mightily upset that he won’t pay it. Well, with 20 or so days to go, I’d not pay either. Do I start chasing the models who flake out and let me down BADLY? No. I have explained what a fucking pain in the ass it is and how fucked off I am when this happens but I won’t hound the girl or go after her for money and time I think is owed to me and expenses I had already paid out! I had it recently and shared the cost of the location and got little content but that is the way it sometimes goes. You, young lady, if you are reading this, need to just accept that circumstances beyond a producer’s control happens. if a model called 2 weeks from a shoot, I would be able to reschedule another girl, I think. This shit just sometimes happens in our line of biz… it’s far from ideal, of course, but there you go. As I said… He will have no doubt spent time planning his shoot before already, we all do in advance as I had METICULOUSLY explained earlier. So we producers tend NOT to flake out as a rule. Those that do soon get a bad rep!!! Now I did once earlier this year and was so apologetic to the girl I consider a friend that she was cool and we re-arranged and shot a few days later (my car was out of commission at the time and getting repaired). See? Shit happens in our biz. Stop bitching and deal with it in a far more civil manner than threatening people on Fetlife and hounding them with messages that I felt I had to say something – that ain’t gonna go down well.Rant over. More to come, if this persists on their part.

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have a nice week!

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