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Daddy surprised me last night with news that he will be in town today on business. It's been such a long time. My heart is full knowing in a few hours I will find myself over Daddy's knee once again for first time in about a year. I've longed for & missed Daddy's loving firm hand. Daddy told me to expect a very sore bottom & not to be able to sit comfortably for several days. I've so missed going over Daddy's knee. He has always punished me lovingly & I know I need & deserve his discipline. I

I asked Daddy what he'd like me to wear & he told me it didn't matter as I'd be totally undressed & remain that way out entire time together. He also said to be prepared to spend much of our time across his lap or bent over his desk. He implied id be put over his knee in the backyard as well.

It's almost time to get ready & im so thrilled. Going to take a long relaxing bath to prepare for him.

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It's been a while between meeting Director and having regular spankings, and my spankings with my last spanker. Probably about 18 months in fact. Maybe even 2 years. Anyway I had clearly forgotten that a well spanked bottom needs proper aftercare. I suddenly noticed the skin is dry and red. So... I seem to remember asking about this before when I was innocent and now I can't believe I have forgotten to do proper aftercare. So what does everyone recommend as spanking aftercare? I think last time I found a cocoa butter cream to slap on. Does anyone recommend anything else to keep the skin in tip top shape? I'm a bit disappointed as it will mean postponing our planned filming session until it looks peachy smooth again!

72 views · 6 hours ago

Just one more day til campin... I had a hard time sleepin last night.. Dave pulled me close n asked if he needed to spank me to make me go to sleep n I said " u don't have to but I sure won't turn it down" so he sat up n helped me across his lap... Once again not in any trouble so I got a very nice stingy hand spankin with lots of rubbin n probing until I was screaming n cumin hard ... Still didn't help me fall asleep tho lol

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57 views · 7 hours ago

Just another pic to show I was in front garden doing my double dare.

56 views · 8 hours ago

A while when taking selfies in my basque I was double dared by 2 very good friends to take selfies in my front driveway, next to Mr G's Porsche, wearing my basque.
I've waited a while for the perfect opportunity so today my mission was accomplished.
Unfortunately my selfies stick wouldn't connect with my phone so the pictures aren't great as I was using hands and feet to press the button.
Not very easy to do.
But never say I won't complete a dare :)
. Me and my pussy too.
7am on a Thursday morning in my front garden, in my basque, luckily no one walked past, unusual for that time but thankful too.

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So I think this is a strong contender for my move. Does anyone know what the scene/community is like in Indiana? Chicago is fairly popular so I am uncertain if I want to give that up. Let me know what you all think :)

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he wanted sex.... I flat out said "NO..if I don't get what I need n want from u.. u don't get what u need or want from me either".. so at last I had his attention...he said "u do know I could just take it" n I said "u do know I could just kick u in the balls".... I sat down n told him I wasn't gonna... could NOT keep livin like this.. ..we did alot of talkin... well i did alot of talkin the end I ended up otk n got a lengthy hand spankin.... I wasn't in any trouble so it wasn't discipline... then I ended up over the ottoman n he used his wooden hand paddle that he made for me that says "Daddys hand"... he had on a 2 hr show n spanked me with it throughout EVERY commercial ...he wasn't striking very hard but lemme tell u.. a steady rhythm on my bare bottom with that paddle for sometimes 5 mins straight was quite stingy... then he spanked me just before bed too.. again not a serious one...... we talked today after work but I'm not gonna get into that right now

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This aircraft, officially the Airlander, struck (oops!) me as being something that for some reason we here might relate to ...

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Myself and a certain individual has had a strange type of relationship. We are both single. But we pull each others coat tale when necessary if you know what l mean. So As long as that person doesn't post here that this all needs to come to an end. I am going to continue to service Men 0nly with the type of discipline they need. Thank you all for the well wishes. I came back because of them. PLUS SOMEONE REALLY BIG ON HERE GAVE ME AN OFFER I JUST HAVE A HARD TIME REFUSING.

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What was your first consensual spanking experience as an adult like? How old were you? I was about 35 when I was seeing this little Norwegian gal I'd met at an Al Anon meeting. She wanted to do "experiential therapy" with me in which she would behave as a naughty 9-year-old girl, and I would "correct" her behavior while reassuring her she was s good child who just happened to be behaving badly. She kept pushing the idea of punishment and wanting to be spanked, but I was a reluctant partner at first who had just escaped from a violent relationship with a bipolar alcoholic who liked to goad me into abusing her so she could cry all over the neighborhood and generate pity for herself at my expense. It had been nine years since I'd enjoyed a pleasant relationship as more and more desirable women were getting married off. I had a nasty case of lust for Miss Norway, but she was keeping me at arms length. After a few little spanking sessions with her fully clothed we sat down at opposite ends of the couch to discuss this problem of the spankings not being severe enough. Even though she was preaching the gospel of Platonic love, I wanted nothing more than to get her clothes off. So there we were at opposite ends of the couch looking straight ahead with ultra serious expressions. At risk of her going hysterical I couldn't resist making this proposal. As my voice tightened I whispered, "I don't know how to make it hurt more without (at this point I was so nervous my throat closed right up. So I pinched the words out barely audible.) ....removing a layer of clothing." I kept looking at her out of the corner of my eye expecting her to go catatonic. But she just kept looking straight ahead with that same serious expression, started nodding slowly and said, "Lifting a dress might be alright." By this time my head was about to explode, but I kept looking straight ahead and starting nodding gently also doing my best to suppress the need to dance around the room yelling. "YESSSSSSS!!!!" Next time I saw her she was wearing a little red dress. As we entered the apartment I gave her a line to cross if she wanted those panties to come down too. She crossed it in very obvious fashion several times until I reached over to her while we were sitting on that same couch, pulled her over my lap to where she was in the upside down V position, lifted the little red dress, lowered the light blue panties, during which time she offered no resistance. This was obviously right where she wanted to be. I still had no idea how much pain she could actually withstand, so I only brought my hand down on her maybe three or four times thinking she'd be traumatized. During the usual after action review she explained that "it didn't really hurt that much." About a year or two later I finally realized I could flail away on her for more than 100 whacks on each cheek, and she'd be no worse for the wear. But I'll just never forget her nodding her head slowly, looking straight ahead as if calculating a math problem, and then saying, "Lifting a dress might be alright."

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They do say you should be careful what you wish for... and I am beginning to see why!

My new spanker, Director, certainly has the bug, and needs no encouragement to upend me over his knee to give me a spanking. Yesterday I had been writing a spanking story for our website and thought he might be in the mood to spank after reading my handiwork. I was not wrong. You'd be hard pushed to find anyone that is more of a natural and who has taken to spanking like a duck to water. My poor bum!! Of course I am not complaining, that would be silly. But I am getting used to sitting on a soundly spanked bottom and feeling the ache set in.

Last night was a very effective combination of hand and paddle. Our paddle is only a light one (don't tell him this) but can pack a sting (in his hands!) - However, I found, and he noticed too that his hand spanking was far more effective last night than the implement. He is one of those spankers who can spank really hard with his hand. In my limited experience not all of them are so effective. I was trying really hard to stay still and to take the spanking but I did start to struggle and threw back a hand several times. One cheek seemed to be getting more than the other, but in fact this wasn't true, for some reason this cheek was hurting more and so I was finding it hard to take spanks on it. I think other spankees will know what I mean when I say it felt like it was bruising. There's just something about it, it becomes very sore and you can't bear another spank on it. There is a little bit of marking today, but nothing too bad, so I'm sure with my trusty arnica cream it will go away quickly.

I've got to say though I am so impressed at the intensity of the spanking Director can give. And I'm so glad that he evidently enjoys it so much. Director has posted some photos taken during the spanking, here is one of them.

Meanwhile I'm going to sit on something soft and take it easy. Fans of our videos will be pleased to hear we are planning some filming very soon, so I'm hoping my bum will be ready for it. I think with this new regular spanking regime, it seems to be toughening up (not literally) and able to tolerate more, which is lucky.

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251 views · 1 days ago

all I'm gonna say at this point is I'm sittin on a red stingy bottom right now... *smiles*

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Some new videos posted for your pleasure your feedback is appreciated..


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I would love to spank someone to tears and make them beg to stop

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Passing a lil time before goin into work... 2 more work days after today n then 4 days off for our yearly all girls campin trip..

The guys r always goin out fishin or playin darts/ pool with their buddies n each yr they take off a few days to go huntin so 5 yrs ago I suggested to my 6 daughters that we go on an all girls campin trip n they liked the idea so startin that yr every August around this time we go n we always have a ball.

This was originally supposed to be a no kids event too but each yr we have had a few of the lil people with us... This yr my adult neice is joinin us n two of my daughters will have their babies with us too as they r still breast feedin n refuse a bottle but no worries we will have a terrific time just the same n who doesn't love snuggling babies??? :)

I will pack the van thurs after work with everything except food n drinks n go over my check list another time... Then Friday all I will need to do is pack the coolers with food n drinks... We will all meet at my house n follow each other there... We will be on our way by 1pm n not head back home until 11am on Monday..

This is the most relaxin time of the yr for all of us... When we arrive we all help each other get our tents set up n arrange where everything will go.. We get two camp sites for all of us because of the number of tents not vehicles but we all hang on one site til bedtime which usually is very late

We all plan meals to feed everyone... I have tacos planned for our first night n a breakfast of grapes, yogurt n cereal bars ( that will b our last meal there as there is nothin to cook )... Another meal is ham slices, mashed taters n Brussels sprouts n another is be chicken, baked taters n broccilli... Our other breakfasts the pancakes b sausage n eggs bacon n toast... We don't plan any lunches because we snack all day on stuff... Pepperoni cheese n crackers n s'mores n chips n dip

But the best part is the talks n laughs n the memories :). I'm really lookin forward to this

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My wife and I stood together, holding hands, our pants lowered to our knees, our bare bottoms on show to our disciplinarian.
He called me first. And I presented myself to him, my bare bottom up, my erection in his lap. Aftert he first few swats, I asked, "Sir, may I..." hoping he'd understand and wouldn't make me explain. But he did. He asked me to explain. "'may I' what young man?"
Taking his swats like a good boy, I found my voice and asked clearly: "Sir, may I buck?"
Yes, you may.
So, I began to rub against his lap as he firmly smacked my naughty bottom. And after maybe ten minutes, rubbing the underside of my penis against his thigh, my legs straightened and started to quiver.
He encouraged me: "That's right. Good boy."
My wife continued to stand in the corner listening to my discipline.
It was when I leg go that I told her "I'm sorry," and I came across his lap and his spanks slowed.
She knew it was her turn.

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You are a member of the Spanking Swat Team. You arrest me for being disorderly in public. When you pull up my rap sheet you find a long list of unpunished offenses that I have committed in my lifetime:

shoplifting a clip-on teddy bear
switching price tags to make what i want to buy cheaper
returning clothes that i wore back to the store
reading my sister’s diary
making prank phone calls
cutting class multiple times
forging my mom's name on one of my bad tests
failing 3 classes and having to take them again my freshman year
not studying for tests
not doing homework
doing a book report on a book i didn't read
almost not graduating my senior year when i almost failed history
stealing hall passes
riding my bike inside the school
giving the answers to quizzes to my friends before their class started
walking around the neighborhood with my friends switching neighbors' halloween decorations
underage drinking
lying about my age to a man much older than me
speeding (45 in a 25 mph zone)
not wearing glasses when i drive like i am supposed to
disobeying my doctor multiple times
lying to my doctor, therapist and psychiatrist multiple times
going on crash diets
going on all candy diets
ordering diet pills online that usually require a prescription
taking my mom's valium without a prescription (i did have her permission though she and my dad insisted that i take it)
not taking my meds
being 2 1/2 hours late for curfew
pretending to be one of my friends during roll call so she wouldn't be marked absent
playing with candles and fire with a friend
moving heavy furniture without help even though i have a bad back
being lazy about housework
letting strange men into my home when i haven't even met them or talked to them yet
playing strip poker with the boy next door

So what is your next move, Officer Spankalot?

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Hello everyone!

I have received many many messages asking when I would be back and how Steven and I are doing. To answer your first question, I am back. As mentioned before, I am a student and my life is very busy but I still get on from time to time. Steven and I are great friends still. He is my mentor and I highly respect him. As of the last few months, they have been challenging with some personal issues going on but Steven is helping me with them and I am getting better. I will work on replying to all the messages soon. Also, I am potentially moving to another state soon. Considering Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky. Any opinions?

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...just arrived in today's mail, a 60's era high waist long leg panty girdle in a size small. "mod" floral print and spanking tight. can't wait to get a panty paddling in this one.

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