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I didnt know that I would feel what I feel now that he and I are not together anymore. I have Not known freedom in a while. But I would like to thank 0ne person on here for our break up! Maybe I will be giving him a spanking for it. He has surly earned it! Since he has not had one in a while.

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....there is going to be sunshine, shunshine - heat, heat - less clothing, less clothing - more legs to look at, I sudenly realise that I'm in fact smiling...:-)

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Views: 172 · Added: 1 days ago

... God if I had a penny for each time I read that word in a blog about
DD lifestyle... Dom/Dommes or BDSM...

I need to vent since it buggs me that people keep saying bs like:

...for as long as it's consensual...

Are you kidding me? What are those guys thinking? Doms/Dommes are neither rapists nor bullies! It's not like we point a gun at the sub's head, yelling: "Drop your pants or I'm-a shoot you!"

If it wasn't "consensual" it'd be considered a felony, so please get it through your sculls, once and for all:

It's ALWAYS consensual

(And if you feel like in your case it isn't, call the police, for crying out loud!)

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Views: 67 · Added: 1 days ago

Did you say a bunch of immigrants are Refusing to Assimilate to Your Culture and are Threatening Your Way of Life?

Man That Really Sucks!!! I Know!!!


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Views: 100 · Added: 1 days ago

This is the internet. When communications are made it can be easy for someone to put their own spin on what someone is saying. People can in short get the wrong idea. Case and point my last post. Dominant and submissive roles occur everywhere both in sexuallity, friendships, and the workplace for that matter. Dominants and submissives need each other. Also, the same person may play both roles in a variety of areas in life. Some people are just more geared to be dominant or submissive. A submissive need not be thought of as an inferior person. In fact, those who think that way are not going to dominate me one bit! They are on some ego trip of there own and I ain't along for the ride. Love to here the thoughts of others on this subject...

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Views: 96 · Added: 1 days ago

I notice on this site that while there are dominant females, it is the dominant males or submissives of both kinds that post comments. Let's here it from the dominant female corner. I love 'em!

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"The Gentlemen"

The best of the lot was Jim
'twas a man of both vigor and vim
A real man he was
And I loved him becuz
I learned about spanking from him.

(Rudyard Kipling is now reaching mach speed spinning in his grave.)

The best was Nimal from Calcutta
So nice his mouth would melt butta
Because he ate curry
And was in such a hurry
That dude was one fast, little Mutta

One man from the famed Nagasaki
Spanked when he drank too much sake
I plied him with drink
Brought him right to the brink
Er, what is that thing in your pocki?

An exotic young man from Algiers
Spanked me once 'til I was in tears
"Don't mocks me," he says
As I laughed at his fez
Er, I was drunk on too many beers.

Then I met Lloyd from Jamaica
Whose spankings could make ya or break ya
But he was so slow
Paused after each blow
"Hey, how long is this gonna take ya?"

I was spanked by Leon who was Swiss
For being a snooty Miss Priss
"You damn well will learn,
I come from Lucerne
Where men thrive on vinegar and piss!"

Then an innkeeper who hails from Wiltshire
Said that I was a very bad liar
So during high tea
I was over his knee
Spanked me hard 'til my bum was on fire.

A very tall man, a Watusi
Oft played his CD's of Debussy
To help his ends meet
He paddled my seat
Then serve up grilled bushbok most juicy.

Then, there's Ahmed from Jakarta
So handsome that he stole my hearta
In his Indonesia
They aim to please ya
He'll spank me 'til death do us parta.

I loved the old chap from Punjab
Flamboyant and so colorfully clad
You're no sacred cow
He said with a bow
The best spanking I've ever had.

Felipe who's from Guatemala
Tools around in a vintage Impala
He'll spank you for free
Right over his knee
But pants down will cost you a dolla.

Dashing Alberto who came from Peru
He was as blind as Mr. Magoo
He was more miss than hit
And of course I can sit
He spanked my left arm black and blue.

Now if you really want to be bossed
Pick an Aussie and one that you've crossed
If a spanking is due
It's like a tattoo
On your ass "G'day Mate" is embossed.

So we come to the end of my tale
How I won spankings by vexing the male
It was a worthy Crusade
Through life's penny arcade
Though sore, I'd found my Holy Grail.

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Views: 42 · Added: 1 days ago

I'm not sure exactly why I'm starting a blog here.

Perhaps it comes from the fact that over the years I've tried to have a spanking website and it has always failed miserably in some capacity. I figured I could take all the material that was on that website and put it in blog posts here. If you can't beat them, join them, eh?

Brats Play and Pay was a website (a rather horribly designed website I might add) that I created and toyed around with many years ago. Back in those days I was also involved in Age Play. Something I've not been involved with in a very long time. For those wondering, I was usually in the adult/authority figure role.

Prior to the failed website attempt, but after my age play days, I was involved in writing spanking fiction under the pen names of Master J and, most often, littleJC. I used the same names when I use to hang around a spanking chat room that I can't for the life of me remember what it was called.

This will blog will hopefully allow me to keep some material from the website days and my writing days alive. I might also try my hand at writing some new fiction. I haven't really decided yet.I also have no idea how often I'll post to this blog. That will depend on several factors.

Meanwhile, do feel free to make friend requests, etc. Being a natural introvert, I don't typically like to reach out to people first. I always figure if people want to get to know me, they'll let me know. Yes, I know that can be equally true for anyone and that it takes two to tangle - so to speak. At least now readers are aware of where I stand.

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Views: 100 · Added: 2 days ago

My bff and I was venting about being rejected. Please read my blog and tell me what you think. I am trying to stay positive but being REJECTED by JOBS, & GUYS is pretty had to have a positive outlook on life. I even feel REJECTED by GOD. I know I am not a bad person but I feel I am being punish for being an emotional woman who only wants to be LOVED, PROVIDED FOR, AND HAPPY FOR A CHANGE! Is that so wrong to want?

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Views: 51 · Added: 2 days ago

Let me be whoever you want me to be.

Wielding paddle or strap
Pleasure and pain sure to follow.
Butterflies tumble before leading to flight
A gasp, a struggle, a moan until it is done
Tears of joy, tears of sorrow, exhilaration like no other.

Every day starts anew, a chance to excel a chance to flounder
Which way to turn…toward the pleasure or burn
Our past always fingers the future.
Leading to paths never considered.
May your gasp and your groan ever linger.
A good omen to end gazing upon a crimson moon.

In the end I can be only me, leather in hand or over bended knee.

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Views: 55 · Added: 2 days ago

Well I traded in the Volvo
for this beat up pick up truck
the day I headed out the door
and crossed my fingers just for luck
and baby if you saw me
you wouldn't recognize me anyhow
I threw away the suit and tie
and I am just blue collar now

I always hope that you are well
and hope you're doing fine
and if you were to look for me
try a little further down the line
there's no Italian loafers here
and no Armani suits
just a faded Carhartt jacket
and my worn out working boots

When you're shopping with your sister
spending time down at the mall
could you pick me up a pack of smokes
I like the short ones not the tall
just drop them in a mailbox
addressed to bluer skies
where people live a country life
with simple dreams and simple lives

I've been looking up old friends of mine
Merle Haggard and Johnny Cash
while sitting in a rocking chair
reconnecting with my past
if your lawyer needs to talk some more
or maybe hear from me
he can send me off a letter
posted rural route number three

I guess that's all I have to say
from further down the line
please close the door on my garage
and tell the dog I'm doing fine
and if you were to see me
you wouldn't recognize me anyhow
my hairs a little grayer
and I am just blue collar now

(copyright certificate on file)

p.s. love my truck, miss that dog

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Views: 64 · Added: 2 days ago

It's been so long since I've been spanked. Sigh I find myself laying on my tummy in my yoga pants just hoping someone would come along and maybe give me a whack or two. What's a girl gotta do? Lol what would you do if you were here? ;) lol

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Views: 17 · Added: 2 days ago
Ciao a Tutti! :-)
Bentrovati con il consueto aggiornamento mensile di “Te Le Suono” (

Il mio Audio Racconto inedito
Eh sì, erano ormai alcuni mesi che restavo “In silenzio”.
Non preoccupatevi, nessun problema alle corde vocali, ho solo preferito aspettare che i tempi fossero maturi per realizzare delle registrazioni più professionali. Sono sicura che anche voi resterete entusiasti di “Online”, il nuovo audio racconto, ne vado molto fiera ;-)

Storie degli Amici
Le novità continuano anche nella Rubrica che raccoglie in questa rubrica, infatti V. ci regala un nuovo scritto inedito intitolato “Laura: Battipanni in Collegio” (…e sì, se ve lo chiedete, il nome del personaggio è stato ispirato dalla sottoscritta :-) )

Avevamo lasciato Martina e Serena, le protagoniste dei racconti di Mamma Severa a fare i conti con la loro bocciatura di fine anno, in questo nuovo racconto (inedito) ci racconta come procedono le vacanze per le due amiche del cuore.

“Il Dizionario della Sculacciata” di Pablo, continua ad arricchirsi con nuovi termini e spiegazioni.

Il Sondaggio
Ultimi giorni per votare il sondaggio “Il posto ideale per una Sculacciata Estiva”, la “location” che per il 31 Luglio avrà accumulato più voti sarà protagonista del mio prossimo racconto (o audio-racconto?) di Agosto.

Vi ricordo che penultimo tasto sulla barra di destra permette di iscrivervi agli aggiornamenti del sito, un modo semplice e veloce per essere sempre aggiornati sulle novità di “Te le Suono”. Ovviamente, come indicato anche nell’apposita pagina, gli indirizzi e-mail verranno utilizzati esclusivamente per inviarvi gli aggiornamenti sul sito, niente spam o cessione dei vostri contatti terzi.

Buon Ascolto, Buona Visione e Buona Lettura a tutti!
Ci risentiamo il 25 Agosto con i nuovi racconti !

…Nel frattempo, non mancherò di segnalarvi delle “News” interessanti sul Blog.

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Views: 99 · Added: 2 days ago

What's the maximum time a spankee should be left facing the wall? I've been left in the corner for 45 minutes!

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Views: 103 · Added: 2 days ago

I went on a summer excursion
That was meant to be a diversion
I wanted a man
With a ham for a hand
To spank me, that's NOT a perversion.

The first was a fair lad from Norway
So handsome there in the doorway
"I've traveled so far"
So he said, " Ya, ya"
That spanking was no shade of grey!

The next, a bullfighter in Spain
Whose morals went right down the drain
He snorted and paw'd
As he spanked my ass raw'd
A brahma delivering pain!

The Italian, he came Venice
Said, "Madam you are a menace"
So in St. Peter's Square
He laid my ass bare
And delivered a most grievous penance.

And Jacques who came from Paree
He spanked while munching on brie
At la tour Eiffel
He spanked my ass well
Mon Dieu, OMG, holy gee!

The sweetest young man from Hong Cong
Would spank at the sound of a gong
So I kept on ringin'
'Til my ass was stinging
Fifty whacks and still going strong.

The last was young man from Cork
Admittedly, he was a dork
A shy lad I'm told
He spanked with a brogue
So I headed back to New York.

So if you go on a world tour
You'd best be very sure
To remember my ditties
And stop at these cities
Unless you're a virgin most pure.

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not in the mood to go to bed tonight.... tomorrow's my birthday and my brother isn't here to be with me on it.. i don't want to celebrate it at all.. i don't want to think about it.. and on top of this, i've lost all motivation.. i even failed my pharmacology final exam.... i didn't study at all.. i've gotten seriously bratty and rude....

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Had a beautiful birthday week and a lovely visit to NC with my daughter. Got to spend some time with my brothers and family. It's always nice to go home. Now bk, to the grind!

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Hello Spankos I just thought I would check in and say hello. I really need a little something to help me with my procrastination. I have a research paper due Monday before midnight, but I have not started on it yet. In fact I dont even know what its about! I think I remember vaguely it being about a guy name john blake at some pharmaceutical company. A case study of some sort. It has to be three or four pages.I will rest tomorrow and then Sunday I will begin my research. I sometimes work better under pressure...well most of the time, even though it frustrates me. I am currently still an A overral grade for the first week of this new class and we are in week 2. three more weeks left. I just feel even though I get mostly A's and B+ I got that on I guess doing my research and putting forth some effort but I know it could have been so much better. I just havent felt like studying, but I manage to get my work done. I never go under a B but I mainly get A's. Anyway I just feel, I've been Procrastinating because I have a lot of things on my plate and I'm not feeling motivated.

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Views: 33 · Added: 3 days ago

Uma imagem bem excitante para mim é a de uma mulher branca, de cabelos negros lisos e bem longos, olhos verdes, com mãos e pés bem bonitos, usando uma camiseta branca e uma saia longa vermelha escura, usando uma pulseira preta na mão direita e uma tornozeleira preta no pé esquerdo e usanado chinelos pretos, de preferencia Havaianas Top e com as unhas das mão e dos pés pintadas de vermelho, olhos retocados com lápis preto e usando batom vermelho.
Imagine uma mulher dessa dentro da sua casa.
Ela te pega pela orelha, leva você até o quarto, tira o chinelo do pé e manda você tirar as calças se deitar na cama.
Então ela dá começa a dar chineladas pra valer no seu bumbum, fica batendo com toda a força por no mínimo 5 minutos seguidos sem parar.
Ela dá chineladas rápidas e bem fortes, deixando a bunda super vermelha.
Depois que ela se cansar de dar chineladas ela coloca novamente o chinelo no pé e manda você continuar deitado quietinho.
Aí ela vai até o guarda-roupas e pega a cinta de couro mais grossa e dura que ela encontrar.
Uma cinta de couro preta de 5 cm de largura.
Aí ela começa a dar cintadas no seu bumbum, muitas cintadas, cintadas rápidas e fortes, seu traseiro começa então a ficar inchado com mais de 5 minutos seguidos de cintadas.
Depois ela para de bater com a cinta e diz para você continuar quietinho na cama.
Aí ela guarda a cinta e vai até o banheiro e pega a escova de banho, uma escova de plástico bem dura e com o cabo bem longo.
Então ela começa a bater no seu bumbum com o lado de trás da escova como se fosse uma palmatória.
Você leva a maior surra de escova no traseiro, sua bunda começa a arder e ela continua batendo com toda a força por vários minutos seguidos.
Você sente seu traseiro ficar super quente.
Então ela para de bater e diz que você já está bem disciplinado e que não irá mais aprontar mais nenhuma depois do castigo.
Ela começa a te acariciar e a dizer que te ama que que só fez aquilo porque você foi um garoto muito mal e que precisava de disciplina.
Então você aprende a lição, quero dizer, até a próxima travessura que você fizer...
Só uma observação: "Mulher branca de cabelos negros, lisos e longos" é só um dos muitos exemplos diferentes de beleza pois eu gosto de todo o tipo de mulher.
É muito bom apanhar das loiras também, assim como também das morenas, ruivas, mulatas, orientais, etc...

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