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It strikes me as a little strange that I can be mutual, Dominant or submissive with women but must always be dominated with guys. I say always...if I find a guy I like who wants me to smack him I most certainly will especially if he has a nice bottom but he has to ask me for it and if he can build it into my submission then all’s the better as I like to do as I am told once I have submitted my own free will.

But these rules of engagement I have make me aware that I am not gay...would have been happy being gay but I am simply not. I love women – I dream about beautiful women and their soft tender bodies the whole time...when I dream about men they are abusing me in some way.

I like to create punishment scenarios and if possible I prefer the bumming to be part of the punishment. This does not mean it has to be punishing and indeed if it is I always call a halt as of course I am concerned about damage or injury. It is within this activity that any Dominant needs to be careful and needs to respond to my body – I believe communication is key.

For the bumming and sexual domination to be effective or to feel punishing all that has to occur for me is that it takes place with me in the punishment position. That is bending over so my head is lower than my bottom, skirt up and knickers pulled down to my lower thighs.

For me having my legs together in a demure polite way is also important...I understand and indeed I like to have my legs open as it stretches my knickers across my thighs...if there can be an elastic line that reports on my knickers having been lowered then this just adds to the domination of it for me.

But initially and immediately after a severe paddling in all those significant places as described last blog entry and apparent in my videos to feel a hard dominant cock sliding in between my hot, sore swollen bum cheeks is a feeling I just love. It makes me feel so utterly dominated, controlled and owned by a Master or Mistress with a strap-on.

Where I enjoy a hard hot throbbing and pulsating cock a strap on will suffice...many an older Dom will struggle with erection difficulties many seem to have had prostate issues – I get that and I understand how it leaves an inability to gain and sustain an erection.

One wonderful man I meet uses a big pink vibrating strap-on. He is tender and careful with it and is always so very surprised that I can take all nine inches of it right to the hilt. Its girth is also very significant but it is all in the way he uses it.

When I communicate with potential Doms it never ceases to surprise me the number who actually want to 'rape' me and use those words. I try my best to alter their language to games of submission and domination but they insist on using terms such as rape and abuse. I have my fantasies but that’s all they are – fantasies and as long as I give my consent there is nothing rape-like in it. If they are unable to see this then they are not for me and would probably be better off in prison.

I was recently speaking with a guy who used terms such as ‘...gonna fuck your brains out..., gonna shaft you into next week – great fun words and then I seek the sanity in him...gonna fuck your brains out and fuck you so hard you’ll be begging me to cum and finish...ok I get it I said but no damage...but he couldn’t get off it and so I deleted him from my contact list...I do wonder how he thinks of it now, is he surprised or was he just testing to see what he could get away with.

Being bummed, buggered, penetrated or sexually dominated is what I term as my ultimate submission in itself – it requires no great violence or abuse and if I think there is abuse present it destroys it for me in an instant. Yes I enjoy it and can have an orgasm and ejaculate without any other direct stimulation or passive rubbing...just an increasingly strong feeling of fullness and a certain lack of control...where I don’t usually get hard when I am being bummed if I am going to cum then suddenly I do.

That feeling of it all being out of my control as my erection lifts and suddenly I am very hard and very big...I usually moan a lot and also say I am cumming, there is no stopping it as from far away a feeling rises until it is upon me and I pulse my ejaculation in such a manner and way that I do not experience through masturbation or when I am having sex with women.

Usually s/he respond by working me harder and deeper which only adds to it for me and when I cum I feel completely owned and dominated as if it is all controlled by another and certainly it is all out of my control.

I used to have a relationship with a woman and when she initiated sex with me rather than me with her she would have a long handled plastic bathroom brush beside her as I climbed on in the missionary position.

If ever she felt I was fantasising out of having sex with her or if I was on my elbows and she wanted me working for her orgasm she would beat me on my heaving bottom as I rhythmically penetrated her...she wasn’t gentle about it and would spur me on...when she got within her orgasm zone my bottom would seriously suffer as she beat me till she’s hard to sustain an erection when the spanking pain is too severe but in this scenario maintaining my erection was never a problem as I found it so very stimulating.

The mere sight of the brush beside her naked body and the look in her eye of knowing...that look said she was in control and I knew she was in control of the way I performed. She always told me I did so much better when she was in charge rather than when I initiated sex...when I initiated it usually we performed doggy...when she initiated it we always performed missionary and she beat me virtually every time.

Sadly she was always remorseful and would massage my bottom afterwards...she said she felt guilty about the marks etc and despite my best efforts to reassure her that it was perfect for me there was always a certain guilt with her and an issue about what she termed normality...this unfortunately ended up coming between us and after a few years with this in mind alongside other aspects of domestic non-compatibility we split up.

I saw her recently after some 30 years and she reminded me of it and told me when she was having sex with her now husband she often thought of how she used to control me but could never consider it with her lazy on his elbows husband...but two kids later I think she is contented. However she also said she often masturbated to the theme of it and wanted it all again only with her significant other husband.

To be bummed for me then has to simulate punishment without being punishing, has to be part of the punishment scenario without damage or danger, has to be safe but has to be with concern for my well-being. I won’t meet those who do not keep to this standard and will quickly show them the door if there is a hint of any kind of real-rape-agenda.

I met a guy last summer and the spanking part went well...when I submitted for real, in tears from a severe paddle spanking with a baseline in 10’s of 50 he positioned me quite forcefully for penetration...all good so far, then as he entered me it felt quite different – he was forceful and held me tightly in place but it felt different and I reached back and realised he did not have a condom on.

I went mad and insisted he stopped but he would not and started ramming it in hard as if all he wanted to do was ejaculate...I lost my temper and struggled hard, shouting at him and was able to get far enough away to kick him away from me.

I stood up and was very upset...but so was he and he stood up and came at me aggressively calling me names and telling me to get over...I am not a fighter (5'11" but just 10.5 stone or 147 pounds or 70 Kilos) nor am I an aggressive person but as he came towards me aggressively I punched him clean on the nose as hard as I could and (fortunately) down he went like a sack of spuds.

Then he was remorseful and couldn’t understand he said why I punched him. I offered to call the police on his behalf as I had in fact assaulted him – yes I know he had assaulted me as well and the chances are the police would have charged him with this as I make it very clear in all my mail communications what I mean by safe-sex.

What will I tell my wife he said as there was blood all over his shirt and on my carpet...tell her you’re a rapist said I, tell her you’re a wanker or a bastard or a two-timing little shit...I had my phone in my hand and said I was phoning the police at which point he became very sorry and pleaded with me not to. The police and all that alpha male stuff bothers me a lot and I would rather not involve them if possible but I will if I feel abused.

I had to have an STI check when I was in London...great free service but I was much more upset about it than I realised and they offered me counselling which I took. They were great and helped me see where his responsibility lay...what was mine to control and what was his responsibility to me and anyone else.

Nowadays I test people...I give them all the rope they need so they state their intended agenda and if it strays in the slightest from what I seek I drop them immediately.

It takes skill, consideration, imagination and communication to sexually penetrate someone and allow it to be part of the punishment without being damaging, dangerous or actually punishing...not many seem to have the ability for it which leads me to think I need someone quite special and I am unlikely to find it through the genre of anything spanking.

But I know it takes all sorts to make the world and maybe I will find the right Dom through this lifestyle...but for all things love and all things tender and caring I always return to women as to date I have never found all that care, tenderness and love in any other man save in me...shame really.

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Hey, guys, guess what! I finally got to take part in my first ever spanking MOVIE! WOO! I'm so happy!

If y'all are interested, the clips are available from Red Cheeks Studios, HERE:

MY video is titled A Day in the Life of a Brat, but there are also a lot of other great videos available from Red Cheeks Studios. :D You guys should definitely take a look at some of 'em~ ;)

((Oh. And I'd suggest you all keep your eyes open; There are at least 2 more scenes to that movie~))

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I can't stop watching this video by Kane:

Everything about it gets me wet. I love the sharp slapping sound the belt makes against her gorgeous ass. But I especially love that, in most of Kane's videos, he takes time to give his spankee some relief with his fingers.

In this video, he fingers her for a little while, but then he leans down and possibly whispers a command for her to finger herself, because that's what she does for the rest of the video, and it's magical. We get the most beautiful view of her pussy as she touches it for the remainder of the video.

As it progresses, she humps her fingers in a way that gets me so wet, I have to pull my pants down and hump my fingers too.

The spanking in this video is my dream spanking. I wish that were me lying on that bed, letting Kane strap and finger me. I have a feeling that by the time it was over, I'd beg him to do more than finger me.

And if I may be honest, because I'm so attracted to BBW, I watch this video sometimes, wishing it was my face she was humping instead of her fingers. Yum!

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Stripped of all the accoutrements ( the restraints,the cuffs,the canes,and other assorted toys.
Dominance and submission is very simply a man and woman attuned to their DNA.

Balance,if you prefer in one's life,so that mind,body,and soul align in harmony,and peace.

It's about a woman who finds strength in embracing her femininity,not only embracing but revelling in it.
It's about a gentlrman who is secure in his masculinity,and whose self-assuredness carries over to every part of his life.

When these two meet - the heavens explode,and beauty in its purest form rains down.

It's not a game,nor a role to be played,its not about toys.

It is the perfect alignment of two souls who ebb and flow with grace.
When LOVE and RESPECT is added to this heavenly union..
Well then...

You have something every poet,and every musician has spoken ,and sung about through the ages.

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I couldn't. I got 80% and considered changing my handle to "Shithouse Rat" to commemorate the occasion. :)

You got 80%
You failed the pschopath test!
You're not a very sociable person. You would much rather be alone in your apartment and do your own thing than have someone else around mucking everything up.

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We never know when we are going to run face to face with loss. It may be the loss of a job, a loss of our health, the loss of a spouse's health, or the loss of a beloved pet or family member.

However, within the last week/week and a half, I have experienced a deeper loss than I have ever experienced. That being the category of "Unexpected Loss". My apologies to those people here whom I should have gone to and allowed them to be the shoulder that they offered to be. For that, I am sorry that I have been distant. But, I am not sorry that I took time for me - as I'm still suffering.

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Now that l am older, quite old really, l look at this site, watch downloads, and feel a certain amount of envy. My own spankings have diminished with age to the point of non existent, not really a surprise but a little self indulgently sad until l realized that l have been incredibly fortunate. Since my first "adult" spanking l have been spanked on a very regular basis for over 40 years. l have met and been spanked by some wonderful people and with the exception of maybe two, have been very satisfying, for all involved, l hope. For both spankers/spankee this is a very powerful need and to have been able to live that part of one's self is very fortunate. l think back and remember the feelings of antisipation as a spanking approaches, the slight excited dread as it starts, the discomfort as it progresses and depending on the type of spanking, wishing it to stop but not stop and then the after glow and the reminder for days after, every time one sits, while already looking forward to the next spanking. So the next time l start feeling envy l will remember.......l have had a Wonderful
Spanking Life.

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I've recently established a few new online friendships and have realized a few commonalities I want to mention. Several members have shared regret for sharing personal information with others that they later realized that those "friends", were not exactly what nor whom they represented themselves to be. I too allowed my emotions to get the better of me and shared that here on my first ever online blog post. Everyone needs to often be reminded that we are all strangers who share some common thoughts, kinks, cravings, etc., nothing more initially. Please be careful sharing personal information without properly vetting your new friend(s). Move slowly and cautiously with sincerity and care for your fellow spanking tube friends. Although some are more emotionally needy, just think beforehand and use reasonable and rational judgement while proceeding. Good luck to all and may all your dreams come true - Jeffrey

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To everyone ultimately effected by the pending blizzard, please be careful, stay warm and safe. - Jeffrey

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Tonight we watched an action movie and ate an assortment of $30 worth of different favored beef jerky, otherwise known as man chocolate... When he came back from having a cigarette, he found me waiting for him in fishnets and my hookah. That was when we tried belting. I had been obsessing about it in my mind all day! I had never tried it before, but insanely curious about it this particular day. I was nervous about it so I tried it on him a bit to show him what I wanted him to do. It was pretty hot but it was too intense, like fire, so we switched to the paddle. I got so turned on, I was super light headed. He pulled my hair and sucked my dick a while but I started feeling over-stimulated, so I hit the shower so that I would not fainted (I may have downed my vodka too quickly) It was pretty awesome nevertheless. I got out and rubbed him with the feather wand in bed until he fell asleep. We’ve been together a long time, it seems, so I want to try another new thing with him-—it’s so fun. :]

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In my living will,I have instructed my kids that if I am on life support,unplug me,wait 5 minutes and plug me back in.
See if that works...

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We went to Spencers today and I got our first paddle. Our local adult shop doesn't have any. We used it tonight, and I enjoyed it. However, it wasn't what I expected. I thought it would be more of a burn but it feels softer than a hand spanking. Nevertheless works for our purposes, since sometimes his hands start to hurt after a while. It's pretty adorable and has squishy red hearts in the middle. I used it on him too a bit. :] But, he's not as into spanking as me. His favorite toy that I've gotten so far is the feather tickler thing because I suck giving light touches.
Also--he suggested finding a feather tickler that had very long feathers. I'm looking online for them now. Any suggestions would be appreciated! :]

Last night I showed him some of my favorite spanking videos. I had avoided doing that for a long time because I felt kinda weird or embarrassed about the spanking stuff I like to watch. He wasn't into watching other people spanking each other, but said he enjoys doing it to me (I'm so happy I got him into spanking--he's so good at it!). I also told him about this site for the first time-that I've been more active on it lately, and he was down with it. :]

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Hola, all. A moment of ok internet access ...

One lodge we stayed at was the Ana (office), Ana (dining room), and Anna show. Can't keep a good name down?

The sweet girl in the dining room of the private reserve was Rosie - maybe our Rosie, moonlighting in Ecuador?

As for hummingbirds, I'm here to tell you that those aren't boots the Booted Racquet-Tail is wearing, they are unmistakeably frilly white bloomers ...

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Alright folks here's the deal. We have all heard about the UK Anti-porn laws that are effectively shutting down the fetish and spanking film industry over there. They are making it illegal for them to produce what they do and to share the lifestyle they love with others.
Now, I have enough sense to see that if this is not contested and won that eventually some right wing hot rod here in the states is gonna say " They did it in the UK we can do it here and with enough money and lobbying they will succeed.
There are several in the UK that are risking it all to continue to work. They need support and they need money to fight this. There is a group called BackLash in the UK that is an activist group against censorship and is helping fight this. And have no proof to back this next claim up but it is more of a belief, that if we support them then should we need it here they will support us.
so with this in mind. I have activated the Tribute button on our page.
From Now till march 30th. 100% of all tributes given to True Home Discipline through their page. and 10% of all video sales will be directly donated to BackLash and to the anti-censorship lobby in the UK. Depending on response this may be extended. They need our help and need us as a community and for those making these videos an industry to support and back them. This issue does not just effect the UK or the US or anywhere else. This is an issue that effects all of us period.
Now I call to all. lets us now stand. Let us now rise. Let us now fight. This is our way of life. This is our freedoms, This is our rights.
To get to my page go to and hit the tribute button. 100% of all the proceeds from that will be directly donated with nothing being with held as personal gain from the tributes.

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Me and the girl I am acting disciplinarian for have decided that putting her upcoming fate on this public setting would be effective.

She has had two sessions with me so far; due to the distance we usually bank the punishments until there's enough to justify a full session (usually quite severe as tears and bruising is both requested and a goal for her.)

Currently she has earned her most severe spanking yet for texting while driving and hitting another car. (Thankfully she was going very slow and there wasn't any injuries or extensive damage.) However she has already been punished for poor driving habits that have her at risk of losing her license the next time the police are involved. Which is why she needs to be reminded harshly how important it is for her to pay attention while driving. This punishment will have no set amount of strokes or safe word and she will be restrained for most of it. She will be punished until we are certain she has learned her lesson very well. Implements being used include an otk with a small paddle, followed by a restrained spanking with a larger paddle, a large strap, and if I deem it necessary the bath brush or any other implements required.

She also has another punishment pending for other slip ups that she herself requested she be held accountable for.

She will be getting an OTK spanking with all available implements for missing her medication again.

She has a bedtime due to a habitual problem of snoozing and showing up late for work, so snoozing has become a punishable offence. We agreed to 5 belt strokes for each snooze and each minute late to work as a result of snoozing. So far she is at 100 strokes for that.

She has also been on an exercise regimen and a diet (which I've been pretty forgiving with in the past. Apparently too forgiving as she not only didn't bother to do her exercises for a week strait but neglected to tell me due to forgetting she was even supposed to. (She has a Skype punishment this Sunday to help her remember which will be posted on here.) She will be getting 50 with the paddle for this failure, partly for failing to do the exercises, and partly for not telling me (as that is also part of the deal.)

Also related to the diet and exercise, it turns out she has been sneaking donuts, each time I've had to ask her how her diet was going before she would divulge the information. As a result I've decided she will get 10 hard licks with the large strap for each time which puts her at 30.

For those counting:

100 with the belt
50 with the paddle
30 with the large strap

I will update if any more need to be added.

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I was speaking with a friend about this since I do some meditation and it may be that both activities distract the mind from other things and focus on a specific thing (such as a repetitive mantra) and also in the end calm the body for the bottom. Letting go is also part of this. Some thoughts on this would be appreciated.

Meditation Definition from the web states:

intransitive verb
1 : to engage in contemplation or reflection
2 : to engage in mental exercise (as concentration on one's breathing or repetition of a mantra) for the purpose of reaching a heightened level of spiritual awareness

transitive verb
1 : to focus one's thoughts on : reflect on or ponder over
2 : to plan or project in the mind

In some ways the activities may be linked and therefore spanking and discipline may in some ways be therapeutic in a similar way that meditation is.

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The day before our anniversary, my partner told me that he had gotten the leading role in a play, in which he would be making out with the entire cast. It initially sounded like he was bragging about kissing a bunch of people and having an orgy scene, but later realized he was just bragging about having a lead role. That night I had stopped talking for an hour and then went to bed crying. I had been utterly freaking out about it for the past four days, getting mini-panic attacks at work. Out of nowhere I would feel extremely hot, itching, nauseous and shaky, and my heart pounded so hard it felt like someone was punching my chest; also at times I couldn't hear anything except for a ringing in my ears, and I couldn't eat or sleep.

I have great co-workers who have been helping me through it, and a stand up partner who helps calm me down. I really don't want to be kissed after him kissing someone else, so the rehearsals are going to be hell for me. I just feel extremely uncomfortable with the whole thing. I don't want to make this his problem or to cause him any guilt or strife so I've mostly keeping it to myself. I want him to be able to do what he wants to do. Last night we made an erotic game out of a blank monopoly board I printed and had a great night full of blow jobs and spanking. ;)

I haven't had any anxiety today except for random stomach pain that I had previously with the attacks. I feel otherwise liberated from my nervousness. I may eventually get a sense of panic; I have accepted that, but I know that I can be strong especially with all the people who have my back. I guess I thought that those lips would only be for me. :/ I still don't think I'll be able to go see this play, though. I'd have to be pretty hammered.

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I have set a bunch of goal in my life and some I was able to fulfill but other I am still working on. Today I am feeling low about not meeting my expectations of myself. Do anyone think I am being too hard on myself? I am trying to be a good person but I wonder if I am being punish for being brat to my mother. I love my mother but as a child I was a terrible person to her. I hope the good thing that I have done would change my out look on my life. Right at the moment in time, I am depress and I can't stop crying. I want to improve my life but my health keep holding me down. I want to be a good nurse and good person. I want to be a helping hand but I can't even help myself.

You know me inside and out.
You know about my pain and distress,
you understand the fears of my heart.
At the cross you endured unabating agony.
You have gone before me into the darkness
And emerged in power and glory.

At this time I lean on You
I draw my strength from Your endless love
And live in Your limitless grace
Trusting in You.
In Jesus' Name

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Can anyone with SB or just a wheelchair user period suggest exercises I can do in bed or my chair? (afraid to get down on the floor because I can't really feel my feet and I've hurt them multiple times getting down) I'm really unhappy with the weight I've gained and I don't really get out much.

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