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The SWAT Team in KC, Jan 26th - 28th, booking double disciplinarian sessions, hurry time is running out!

Miss Chris & Portia Spanks team up to make your two top fantasy a reality!


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I wonder about these requests. Most people include a short message of introduction, but some just send...nothing! Maybe it's me, but do such people really want to be friends or something else? Anyway, I'll wait to respond to those.

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Spank Sinn
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To many people in the lifestyle communicate with social media and others about what's going wrong in their dynamic instead of communicating with their Dom about what's going wrong and the issues they are having.

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Behind every great man there is a woman ... with a paddle!

Spank Sinn
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Last year I was sent a message about an event she thought Master and I would like to go to. It was held in a fetish/swinger venue, we would have a 6 hour drive to get there, so last week I finally booked a room in their hotel. What we liked about this event was the time, Sunday afternoon through to the evening. As you know I'm no night owl. My bedtime is set for 9pm, and I like that.
Now somewhere between booking the event and booking the hotel, my mind had changed what the event was. We knew the dress code was very strict, dinner suits for the men, all Doms, then the subs, all female, completely naked.
Now after our first naturist holiday, the naked part I wasn't concerned with.
But I had imagined we were having a dinner party event, after dinner the men smoking cigars chatting whilst their sub sits on the floor by his feet. Maybe a Dom may ask your Dom if he could feel you up or spank you, but always in front of your Dom. More like in the olden days I guess you could say. I'm not sure why my mind had decided this was the event.
After I booked the hotel, I looked at the event details and realised the event was held at this swingers/fetish club. Looking at the site, there were lots of play rooms, some private, some with peep holes, and separate rooms for swingers play.
There was no rule to say you had to play, everyone had to be respectful, so if a person said No, it meant No.
Last year Master and I ventured into trying out swinging. Both of us liked the idea of finding either a single female sub or a couple with swinging and fetish loves.
But we were hoping to go slow, meet this person/couple, get to know them, become friends and enjoy our fun whenever we felt like it. Master had mentioned more than once that he would love us to have another sub that would be part of our lives more than once or twice a month.
After searching to no avail, we just couldn't find anyone. No disrespect to swingers, but the ones we met, well to put it bluntly, just wanted a fuck and that's it.
I felt like we were just another notch on their bedpost. I think Master would have continued the search but he knew I was only doing it because he wanted to.
The first experience with a couple, well I couldn't wait until it was over.
The second experience was nicer, as it was with one person, Master and I both enjoyed playing together, including this person.
But we found the entire conversations with all swingers we met, either for a meet up or for a play, just talked about the couple's they've fucked or watched porn.
Like I said earlier, I've mean no disrespect to swingers, if that's what you enjoy then that's fantastic. But for me especially, no, I've only ever had sex with Master, I wasn't a girl that wanted to sleep around when I was younger. I'm kinda old fashioned in a way.
So when I looked at the plan of the venue, seeing play rooms, I began to get nervous. The event isn't for a couple of months so what will I be like when we went.
I messaged Master whilst he was at work, telling him how nervous I was already. So he said well cancel it. I'm not bothered, I said yes go coz you fancied it.
This was a surprise to me, I thought he wanted to go.
We chatted a little more then I had to go out, so we didn't mention it again until he came home. Then he asked if I had made a decision. I said no, I don't know what to do. I went to explain what I thought the event was, and he said I know exactly what you thought it was going to be and proceeded to tell me everything perfectly.
God he knows me so well. :)
You didn't realise in was a swingers/fetish venue or that there were play rooms. Look we won't go then, I was only going as you seemed so interested, anyway if will save me a 6 hour drive. He told me.
But I feel I'm letting you down by cancelling. I said.
For something you wanted to do, not me, no you're not letting anyone down. He replied. I fell silent.
My head going round in circles, could we just go for the social side, we don't have to play, but would that be a waste of money then, coming all this way and not using the full venue. Did I want to play with others, I don't mind the idea of another Dom spanking me as long as Master was there watching. We had already drawn the line on what sexual acts we would do, but could I? And if I didn’t would Master be disappointed. I began to get upset.
I….i just don't wanna let you down and be disappointed in me. I spluttered. I'm getting all upset now.
You are not letting me down if you cancel it. You're not gonna disappoint me if we cancel. I'm happy to go or not go. If you're gonna get more and more nervous, then you will be terribly nervous on the day, which would probably affect what you do anyway. But I want you to decide. And don't get upset. He said so dearly, that I felt more upset, disappointed in me and letting myself down. But in the end I knew Master was right. So I decided that yes, we would cancel.
Since that conversation last night, my nerves have gone, I've cancelled the event, and will cancel the hotel later on when it opens.
I've decided that I'm not really a fan of venues like that, I'm not a social butterfly anyway, neither is Master, so it would be a big thing for both of us.
But I loved that Master agreed to go just coz I wanted to go, even if he knew what i imagined the event to be, I even loved the fact that he knew we would be having this conversation before the date and was surprised I actually booked the hotel and it took so long before I realised.
Master knows me inside and out, knows what I'm thinking before I've even thought about it, he even knows when I've broken the rules before I've finally owned up.
I think this is why we've stayed together 29 years, the addition of our dynamics changing 3 years ago has only strengthened us as a couple,
I feel so much better now I've cancelled, some may say I chickened out and I may have enjoyed it if we went, some may say I'm a weak person, afraid to really open up to swinging, and they are probably right. But that's me, I am who I am and now I have no shame in it. I loved by a truly wonderful Master, we have a family we love and a life we love living, so that's all that matters isn't it.

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Hi peops! I've long been wanting to write my first blog post, and I had a few ideas, but guess what - I'll let my annoyance be the drive and motivation for the first.

I've long been wondering what drove the point-system, and I still haven't quite figured it out. But today I had a bunch of friend requests (I've started being a bit more active on here, as I'm wanting to be a part of the community) and I rejected them all, though writing people a message, saying that I'd like to get to know them, before I accept their requests. (Except for one person who doesn't take messages, but I can't really do anything about that. :p)
So I went from -29 to -37. T.T

Does anyone know other ways that affect the points, or is it literally just rejecting/accepting friends?

Hope to hear from you guys, and also maybe get to know more of you. :)

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I have always enjoyed light erotic spankings. And I'd seen articles and books about using domestic discipline to achieve goals. I searched online for information on who uses it and for what purpose. That's how I ended up at ST.

My immediate interest was overcoming procrastination when faced with challenging home tasks that I hate. I have trouble even starting to complete them.

Of course, after arriving here, I watched some videos and realized that people put a lot of effort into them. I'm amazed at how ladies (and gentlemen) can take so much hard impact on bare bottoms! I am also intrigued by the various mechanisms and benches people design for this purpose. I especially liked nurse Tiffany's bench--arranged so one can move around quite a bit but not escape. I find myself fantasizing when I watch these videos.

I always had a very active imagination, and when other people would become "bored," I would simply move into an alternative universe of my own making inside my head. As a child I would imagine myself in a horse-drawn carriage like those in places like St. Augustine, FL, USA. I'd see myself casually riding down the street in front of my school, luxuriating in the feeling of the warm sun and soothing wind on my face.

So watching ST videos had me imagining other scenarios. I have occasionally watched porn with a partner and enjoyed being spanked afterwards. I always really liked it. I had even bought a flogger to put in my partner's Christmas stocking.

So here I am, thinking of how a birthday spanking would be, or how a contract to complete a certain task with specific outcomes would be an incentive to complete some of those hated tasks. I like the idea of combining project management and discipline. But I'm entirely new to this. So I'm just stepping onto the path into a great adventure.

Spank Sinn
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First off I have decided to charge a big part of my life and that includes finding a man ...tall dark and handsome. That will treat me right away and never make me feel like shit and love me for me and have time for me and IAM no longer a side chick fuck that IAM Worth a hell of a lot More... IAM standing up for myself and if anyone don't like it of well I didn't ask your opinion ... IAM no longer a submissive little girl IAM a woman. More over u want bees IAM here. And IAM here to stay it's Cassandra ...a strong woman that deserves the best not a half ass part time maybe spend time with you if I have time shit move over my real man is here to stay.. see ya....

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Annual Inspection to ensure the unit is properly maintained based on HUD‚Housing Quality Standards. Well I passed my part of the inspection but it look like my landlord has failed his part because he has not done any maintenance work on this house. I am praying because I want to move asap. I cleaned and scrub this house to make place look good. I am trying to be all I can be. Now my legs are swollen and achy. So now I am resting and relaxing.

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Ich bin auf der Suche nach Frauen (18+), die in der Gegend um Berlin versohlt werden wollen. Wenn es eine solche Dame gibt, kann sie mir einen Ping senden.

I'm looking out for women (18+) who want to get spanked around the area of Berlin, Germany. If there is such a woman, she can send me ping.

Spank Sinn
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Can I write spanking fan fiction on here as long as I disclaim that I don't own the characters?

If so any requests? I mainly do supernatural, if Sam and Dean had a little sister, or using characters from the show like Claire and Charlie

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Last Friday I was cleaning the milking parlour with my faithful guard dog ,Zeus at my side. Suddenly he took off running from the farm to the house.I heard him barking and knew that someone he is not use to had come onto my property. I left my work and walked from the farm to my house to see a silver coloured,small car,I believed to be a Nissan Micra,parked outside the door of my house. I could make out a man sitting in the driver's seat,clearly too afraid to exit the car while Zeus was barking and staring at him.I called Zeus to me and the man rolled his window down and asked, "Is it safe to get out?"Zeus sat next to me,looking at me,trying to gauge was I under threat from this stranger. The gentleman introduced himself and I immediately recognised the name,he is Principal of a secondary school in a nearby town. We shook hands and he asked if he could have a word with me,he was a very gentle spoken man and stood well over 6 feet tall,I surpressed a smile as I watched him extricate himself from his Nissan Micra;he must have seen me smile and said that the car was his wife's car,that his car had broken down that morning. I invited him in for tea;I was very intrigued by what he wanted with me.

I brought him into the kitchen and offered him tea, which he accepted. He told me that Jen's Mum,who is also a school principal had told him about me and that I had recently changed career from teaching to farming.Once I heard Jen's Mum being mentioned and the fact that he was a school principal I guessed what was coming. He asked me if I would be interested in teaching Mathematics and History to adults? I told him that only if I could cane them if they misbehaved,this brought a nervous smile to his face,I do love messing with people, I laughed,he laughed but I politely refused;,but then the proposition became more attractive when he said that he was looking for teachers to teach on adult education courses which would be held in the evening's at the school come September. All he required was that I would teach on Tuesday and Thursday evenings for three hours each evening;Tuesdays would be Mathematics and Thursdays would be History. I became interested because it would be adults,they must want to learn or wouldn't pay the fees for the courses.He produced a contract and I must admit that the pay being offer for the six hours teaching was very attractive. As I read through the contract I offered him more tea,but saw him staring at the Victoria Sponge cake on the table. I told him to help himself to the cake and found it both funny and alarming to watch as he cut himself a very large piece;he explained to me through mouth fulls of the cake that his wife has him on a diet and that he has had nothing sweet to eat in quite awhile. I laughed...poor man.Having read the contract we discussed the syllabus for both subjects and it became clear that I would be teaching adults who were returning to education having left school early and worked. I agreed. He told me that his school was offering a wide subject base to adults in the evenings from September and he was organising all of this.He certainly has his work cut out for him. He asked would Jen being interested in teaching a general interest course on the legal system and people's rights. I immediately thought about Jenny's one and only excursion into teaching many years ago. It was before we met and Jenny,like her Mum had decided to become a teacher. Jen had studied Accounting at University and once she had her degree entered into the Higher Diploma in Education course,the basic qualification needed to teach in Ireland. Part of this course is practical teaching experience and Jen was sent to teach at an all girl's school in the city. One day a Teaching Inspector came into Jenny's class and while looking through the role call of student's became aware that two student's were missing from the class. It seems that earlier in the day Jen had given the two student's permission to leave the class to answer a call of nature and the two student's ,knowing Jen to be a new teacher,took the opportunity to wag school for the remainder of the day,the alarming thing was that Jen never noticed they had not returned. The student's were apprehended and Jen was pulled from the school,she gave up teaching and instead entered the legal profession. When this gentleman asked about Jen teaching a class I immediately had visions of adults wondering about the school and the town and Jen talking to herself at the top of the class,LMAO! I told him that I would ask her,but I already knew the response. He left and we will be meeting up again in two months to discuss changes to the curriculum.

That evening Jen came home from work and I told her about my visitor. She was happy,thinks I am a better teacher than a farmer and cheese maker.Although I think the opposite.I told her that the Principal had asked about her teaching a general interest course and her immediate and absolute response was, "NOT ON YOUR NELLY!".

Jen and my niece are still not on speaking terms and it is getting on my goat;it's a case of tell her this and tell her that.We had a disastrous dinner yesterday where both of them refused to speak to one another.They sat in silence while my niece's boyfriend and I discussed sports. Jen has demanded that my niece pay to have her legal gown professionally cleaned,my niece has told her,and I quote to '...bog off!' , I fear the situation will get worse. Jen had to get a loan of legal gown this morning.In the afternoon I will be taking her gown to a dry cleaners and hopefully this will make everything alright...hopefully!

Well now I must muck out Bertie's stall and take him for a ride across the fields so have a good week my friends and behave.

Spank Sinn
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Dad and I played a couple of games of 5 Card Draw tonight. First he chose 5 of his favorite implements, Split Strap Tawse, Razor Strap, Belt, Cane, Wooden Spoon, and I had to draw 5 cards to designate how many strokes I’d receive from each. Aces low, Jokers wild where he could determine the amount given. He could then select one hole card to replace any card he felt was too low. The strap came up with a 2 and he drew a 6 to replace it.

Then it was my turn to select the implements. I went for the ones with the most intensity in an effort to impress him. Bath Brush, Wooden Paddle with holes drilled in it, a very fine switch, Georgia Prison Strap, and an old leather dog collar. This time he the drew cards and I got to pull a hole card. I was actually disappointed that the switch only drew a 2.

Ass was mighty sore after both hands, but I asked for an additional 10 with the switch as I really had it coming for disrespectful behavior toward him the day before. He ended up only giving me 5 as he knew the frustration of not getting what I wanted would be greater punishment. My cock is now locked in chastity, an ass, ball and crotch shave is in order in the morning, and the humiliation of it all will be long remembered. I’m lucky to have him, I certainly don’t deserve someone like him, and glad he’s willing to provide the necessary discipline to make me a better boy.

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how many female ST users do we have in NC??

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Its a long time i didnt receive spank. It something i miss so much. Since 2 3 days i didnt stop thinking about that

Spank Sinn
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I have this Fantasy about being spanked by a woman in diaper position. The idea of it makes me so excited Legs straight up in the air Bare bottom With my bottom being turned bright red

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Very shortly Zadok is due to take part in a filming session with the gorgeous Miss Kitty Bliss (https://www.misskittybliss.co.uk/)with the blessing of Ms. E. He will be one of various participants and has no idea what to expect. None the less the prospect is very exciting. Let's hope his limits don't get pushed too far :-)

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