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I have been in chastity for 2 months with only 1 prostate milking per week to relieve the pressure in my sissy ovaries. After begging for a orgasm once too many times my dom is furious and orders me to report for the full treatment punishment. The first part is a series of enemas and emptying my bladder with the built in catheter in my chastity cage. She doesn't want me losing control during this very strenuous spanking procedure. First her heaviest hairbrush OTK with my panties on. She buys my panties and they are all very sheer or thong style so they do nothing to lessen the impact of her implements! This first series is 5-6 dozen hard smacks "to stimulate your bottom for further treatment." I am then sent to the display corner to contemplate the next segment. After a 10 - 20 minutes I am summoned to her knee again. This time I get the hairbrush again but I must first lower my panties. I get double the number of smacks of the first treatment: 10-12 dozen devastating swats on my bare bottom. I am sent to the display corner and warned, "I am not through with your bottom yet!" 20 mins later I am bent over her spanking horse for an appointment with her paddles. She has selected three of her favorites - a Jokari paddle, a 22"long, 3/8" thick oak fraternity paddle and the dreaded Spencer Paddle.
She informs me that I am to get 6 hard swats with each after which I must choose which implement will complete my paddling of 3 dozen full force smacks. After this last segment I am left sobbing with a throbbing, bruised repentant bottom. But she is not done with me yet. I hear the lid of a jar of vaseline being unscrewed and after my sissy hole is lubed, I feel the tip of her 10" long 3" thick strapon searching for the entrance to my pink hole. "Get ready for a long ride sissy. This is the only way you're allowed to orgasm!"

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I might be a little slow to the game but I've just discovered tumblr. Search something like
"tumblr otk" and off you go. It begs the question is there so much stuff on the internet that we can become desensitized. I don't think so but it's just like here on ST, you just have to search until an
image or vid hits the spot for you. Not like the old days youngsters where just a phrase, rare image
or movie could send your head reeling.

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Sorry I was complaining. Everyone had very good advice. I'm busy with a new job, so not on here quite as frequently. I hope you all are doing well. Thanks so much!

Spanking Sarah
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So the other night, I got myself into a lot of trouble. DarkMagic was asleep and I had just got off work. So I called him and since he was asleep, he didn't answer. Well I called him over 30times and texted him till I finally texted him using a no no word so I got a big spanking with the paddle and then 10swats with the cord. which let me tell you HURT REALLY REALLY BAD. Then I had to take a bath and 10 swats with the hand on my wet bottom. As soon as I buy a bar of soap I am getting a long mouth soaping. But I know something is working on my language because I read something on facebook that had a no no word in it and I bleeped it out, in my own head! I am so thankful to have him in life and to be helping me become a better person! Thank you so much baby I love you with all my heart.

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I often find myself feelin like a double sided coin... I feel one way n act another.. I let frustration n let downs steer me in the wrong direction..

problem.. I just don't get from my relationship with "Daddy" what I need..

examples... he overlooks real issues ALOT so there is that side of the coin where I need him to "deal" with it but cause he doesn't I get that "Fuck it" attitude

speedin.. not important..

cussin.. not important..

bein spiteful.. not important..

sulkin...not important...

I don't speed a lot but I have gotten a few tickets for it but they r no big deal...

I don't cuss a lot but it don't matter either way if I do or don't...

spiteful = because he overlooks a lot I took all the implements off the wall n put then where he cant find them.. hes not mentioned them once ( in over a month) , not asked about them.. not demanded they be put back..

i also do things that i know he don't want me doin but i do them n its not to get in trouble.. ( cause i wont anyhow) n he wont find out cause i wont tell its done out of spite even tho my actions hurt me n don't effect him anyhow..

sulkin cause i get so damn frustrated n so i withdraw...

can i be a brat? yes.. can i be a bitch? yes.. do i act out ? sometimes

i don't want our relationship to be a game.. its NOT a game to me .. so when he doesn't seem to care about things i feel he should i feel like maybe hes just pretendin.. just actin.. i dunno..

yad think after 6+ yrs hed know me by now.. OR maybe he just don't give a fuck... anyways.. theres my bitchfest for tonight....

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Guess I'm not getting one saves my bottom

Spanking Sarah
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Before I initiate the punishment, I'm going let you spankees know that I'm a no nonsense guy. I will not tolerate rudeness and disrespectful attitudes. I demand punctuality when we schedule our sessions. Lateness WILL NOT BE ACCEPTABLE. If you've an excuse to be late then let me know from early, IF I FIND OUT THAT YOU'RE LYING THEN YOU WILL SUFFER THE CONSEQUENCES. MY HAND IS VERY SOLID AS A ROCK, YOUR ASS WILL DEFINITELY FEEL ITS FIRM AND SOLID HITS. YOU WILL ADDRESSED ME AS YES SIR, I REPEAT ANY RUDE AND BACK CHAT OR DISOBEDIENCE WILL RESORT TO HARSHER CONSEQUENCES SUCH AS MY THICK LEATHER STRAP & TRUST ME YOU DON'T WANT TO FEEL IT.

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Before I initiate the punishment, I'm going let you spankees know that I'm a no nonsense guy. I will not tolerate rudeness and disrespectful attitudes. I demand punctuality when we schedule our sessions. Lateness WILL NOT BE ACCEPTABLE. If you've an excuse to be late then let me know from early, IF I FIND OUT THAT YOU'RE LYING THEN YOU WILL SUFFER THE CONSEQUENCES. MY HAND IS VERY SOLID AS A ROCK, YOUR ASS WILL DEFINITELY FEEL ITS FIRM AND SOLID HITS. YOU WILL ADDRESSED ME AS YES SIR, I REPEAT ANY RUDE AND BACK CHAT OR DISOBEDIENCE WILL RESORT TO HARSHER CONSEQUENCES SUCH AS MY THICK LEATHER STRAP & TRUST ME YOU DON'T WANT TO FEEL IT.

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Is there any women from New Hampshire or Vermont who would be willing to spank me! E-mail me @ ranger114 on

Spanking Sarah
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Is there any women from New Hampshire or Vermont who would be willing to spank me! I really could use some punishment in the form of spanking, strapping, and paddling. If you are interested get a hold of me through @ ranger114

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"I'm just going to wing it"

-Me, on something that most definitely should not be winged

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Okay, For the very few of you that have met me in real life, you are well aware that I tend to brat and joke around quite a bit. Most of the time it isn't that bad. At the least it usually earns me a nice little fun spanking. Which my loving Wife is more than happy to apply at a moments notice. But there is a VERY THIN LINE between being a brat and being disrespectful and just plain stupid.

This past Saturday my Wife and I were sitting in our living room during a spanking party we were hosting. Right in front of us on the coffee table were 2 of her very feared implements. Her Vermont country store bath brush and her small oak wooden hairbrush paddle. The very same paddle brush that she used to tear my bottom up with at the end of my Discipline video here on spanking tube. For those of you that have seen this video, you know as well as I do that she is very skilled and lethal when spanking. Especially with that small paddle brush. Which makes it hard to believe what prompted me to find the nerve to just come out and say " You need me to show you how to use those?" As soon as those words came out of my mouth I wanted to pull them back in, but it was too late. I had called her out in front of a room of our friends. Everyone gasped in disbelief and just stared.

I know what you're thinking. She must have tore my ass up in front of the entire room. But the answer is no. Instead she is making me wait until Tuesday on her lunch break to deal with this situation properly. There is also a good chance my punishment will end up recorded and posted here. She loves nothing more than making me stew for a few days reminding me every chance she gets just how much I screwed up and how much she is going to enjoy blistering my ass for it. Whatever happens on Tuesday, I will keep you all updated. This is sure to be a punishment I will NEVER FORGET!

Spanking Sarah
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So basically this is a question for all of the tops,dominates, or whichever title you choose to use. I apparently am a bigger brat than I think I am, so I obviously end up in trouble a lot, I am wondering if I am not being punished properly, as we are both fairly new to adding discipline to our relationship, I could swear that I am being punished more than enough at the time when I'm over his knee promising to be good and begging for him to stop, but I never go past a week if not sooner before I end up flipping the lip,or questioning his reasons for telling me to do something, or forgetting to do something he told me to. So I am wondering how you would punish for the following offenses
Questioning an order
Forgetting to do things required
I do want to do better and maybe learning punishments for different types of offenses might be helpful, so I can discuss this with him. I would rather have a punishment be more effective than to end up in trouble so much. Thanks for the help, still learning more about how this all works.

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He looked stern at me I seen the disappointment in his eyes. He asked what do you have to say for yourself young lady. I looked at the floor. Kicking my feet. He said answer me right now.i looked up with very sad eyes.. I admit to fighting. Hr said go to your room and wait for me.. He said I was to strip down to my panties.
He finally came quietly into our room. I was sitting on the bed. I looked up into his eyes and seen anger. He told me I was going to learn not to be fighting anymore. Yes sir I bent over the bed and said sir teach me and I know it makes you very hard when you spank me. I didn't strip down. So he said get those pants down right now He started spanking me hard.he started off with his strong hands. 50 with his hands. He grabbed his belt from the dresser. I got another 65 with belt. He then went and got his big paddle that covers all of my butt.and gave me 100 for saying I like it when it makes you hard. U looked up with the saddest blue eyes and said im very sorry sir for fighting and talking naughty.

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I'm getting to the point where I get restless and the only thing that helps this is a spanking. I have an absolute physical and emotional need to be subjected to a thorough, bare bottom, otk spanking. Long and hard. Unfortunately I don't have it on tap and have to use professional services. How lovely it would be to have a woman who appreciated this need.

Spanking Sarah
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Many people say they are your friends. There are different kinds of friends. True friends.a true friend is there for you through thick and thin. they are always around no matter what. Good friends who never turn their backs on you. Distant friends who only come around when they want something. See my dad died in a car accident ten years ago. And some of these people came around to see what they could get. I remember having to defend my mom. Those are the worst type of friends on have ever seen. People may not like what I have to say. I try to be nice to everyone. As they say what goes around comes around. Treat others the way you want to be treated. Some may try to take kindnesss for weakness. I have friends that have been there for me when I needed them. That is the kind of friend I am. I have a big heart.Even though my brattiness comes out at times I care about other peoples feelings

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Could use spanking from guy woman or couple

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So I guess it only takes a week to forget that I was over his knee promising to be good and telling myself that I will never be in this position again. Enter attitude, and I guess now that I will be in that same position tonight, over his knee crying and promising to be good and promising not to have an attitude and talk back. If only I could remember that for more than a week.He said apparently he didn't do a good enough job last time, but I can promise him that he did, I just forget myself sometimes.

Spanking Sarah
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Everyone,happy Chinese new year.

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Miss Boo sniggered greedily from her vantage point, slumped and trying to steady herself against a huge pile of old wine boxes..

Thankfully Miss Boo always abides the "five a day" rule, starting normally with a homemade bottle of Rum which always managed to get her "pistons" ignited and blood pumping under her many layers of skirts and slips!
Miss Boo had never bothered with under garments as her motto was "always be prepared!" and thus far it had served her well! And who? wants to waste time fumbling with undoing the countless laces on a pair of bloomers! "Not me" though Miss B with the filthiest thoughts playing before her eyes!

Miss Boo had not had the best of starts in life, orphaned before she was even born, her Mother having gulped the last of the Gin to ease the pain of labour, only to take her last fumed breath as her baby took its first.
The vet raised the baby up by its feet slapping its butt cheeks vigorously to encourage a cry, the baby didn't cry but made a purring noise and as the vet looked on in astonishment he saw a smile upon its face! Only when he stopped the slaps did Miss Boo let out an almighty cry. The vet nodded and smiled to himself - Yes! she's gonna be a true "Hicksvillian wench" and take whatever a man has to offer her - and forty years later Miss Boo had never said "No"

Raised by her late Mothers cousin Ralph and his cattle, Miss Boo had no education to speak of, not that education was welcomed in Hicksville!" especially for girls! She suckled from anything that produced milk, her favourite being "Mary" a massive Sow whom Miss Boo would greedily suck on.
As she wasn't the brightest! she once tried to suckle a Boars teats only to find that the milk was a little sour and took longer to swallow, but she liked the taste and the old boar never complained...!

Hicksville was an amazing community, run mostly by the late "Judge Dribble"
a retired man who had been given this prestigious role as he could count up to seven on his fingers!
Miss Boo smiled as she remembered how he had taken "special" care of the buxom teenager, letting her sample anything she got her hands on - Mostly the Moonshine which the judge had confiscated off the "sewing circle ladies" as they had been so troublesome and none compliant when ordered by there "Menfolk"
What a day that had been watching them all stripped and whipped through the town for several days!
Not that Miss Boo wasn't accustomed to the feel of a switch decorating her hind quarters, in fact she loved the pain and mostly attention all the men were only to willing to give her, including the Judge who had taken just a little too much of the girls homemade gin and after going blind had died dead!
Miss Boo hadn't blinked at this instead she turned the Judges joint over in search of his will! Miss Boo couldn't read or write but she had turned enough men over to know what a "will" looked like and once she had it in her hands she was set up for life!

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